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Success stories

Health care, non-profit, IT, pharmaceutical, government agencies and more...SkillPath on-site training supports our clients' successes with training that's designed to meet their goals.

Health Care

When the nation's largest not-for-profit health insurer needs to train its employees, it turns to SkillPath. Our long-standing on-site partnership has allowed us to reach across their wide spectrum of staff positions–from management to front-line caregivers–to present a wide variety of our core business skills training courses, including Managing Multiple Projects, Business Writing Basics and Teambuilding Essentials.

By adding fully customized course materials in areas such as Psychological Safety, Understanding and Appreciating Generational Diversity and Strategic Performance Management, SkillPath has worked closely with their internal training department to provide the specific skills required to uphold their mission of delivering efficient and effective care to their more than 8 million members across the country.

Security and Information Technology

Technology and business go hand-in-hand when your company is the leading provider of IT services, systems integration and training to the U.S. government. So who do you ask to develop innovative course content and "train your trainers" on how to communicate effectively when explaining the latest tech advances or making an important sales presentation? SkillPath, of course.

By tapping into SkillPath's on-site services for more than 40 uniquely tailored courses since 2007, it has ensured that its 136,000 employees had the knowledge they needed in critical areas like Excellent Customer Service, Precision Thinking and Problem Solving, Influencing and Negotiating, Technical Writing, Advanced Presentation Skills, Communicating With Diplomacy and Tact and Active Listening–as well as cutting-edge SharePoint® Services information-management training.


A global biopharmaceutical corporation with $32.8 billion in worldwide sales approached our on-site team with a specific need. Active in more than 100 countries, including emerging markets China, Brazil, India and Russia, this international biotech presence was looking to keep its employees up-to-speed with the demand for global awareness. The solution: SkillPath tailored a unique course menu to fit their domestic and overseas growth. Custom topics included Global Communication and Understanding Cultural Differences, Effectively Managing Multiple Bosses and Teams and Supporting Managers and Teams Through a Changing Environment.

Add to that the subsequent coursework targeting the administrative assistants–Productivity Power for the Administrative Coordinator and Essential Skills for Administrative Professionals–and we've helped ensure that the management and support staff are equally prepared for whatever new challenges lie ahead for this forward-thinking company.


Non-profit entities are driven by specific challenges and their needs don't always fit into the cookie-cutter agendas offered by other so-called "training specialists." That's just the reason that one nationwide, community-based voluntary health organization has forged an ongoing training partnership with SkillPath on-site. Reaching into our vast library of popular skill-building courses like Excelling as a Highly Effective Team Leader and How to Become a Better Communicator, the client, trainer and OS representative combined, reworked and enhanced the content to create custom courses Overcoming Obstacles: Achieving Optimum Productivity for Your Team and Communication and Presentation Skills and many others. Specific content requests + our development expertise = satisfying and effective training that has produced concrete results throughout the past four years–and counting.

International Gaming

With over 50 years of experience in the international gaming industry, it's no wonder this Australian-based company is always on the lookout for ways to grow its presence and market share in the United States. With that in mind, they were committed to better fulfilling the needs of U.S. customers at all levels, and they turned to the SkillPath on-site team for help. Nearly 20 courses later, including Mastering the People Side of Project Management, Precision Thinking and Problem Solving, Conflict Management Skills for Women and Sparking Innovation and Creativity, their focus as a top service provider remains high and their employee training relationship remains one of our strongest.

Government Agencies

Government jobs reach across all industries and involve people of all skill levels in every corner of the map. With that scope, of course, comes an endless variety of required skills. And since that fits SkillPath perfectly, the link between government training–on the federal, state and local levels–and our on-site training is one the longest and strongest in our history. The list of topics throughout the various branches has ranged from Achieving Career Success to Generational Management Skills for Emerging Leaders, and from Basic Communication Skills to Effective Project Management Using Microsoft® Project.

One such case: When a California county board approved allocating more than $1 million in federal stimulus funds for worker retraining programs in late 2009, including a "boot camp" to help make unemployed residents more competitive in the job market, SkillPath was contracted to develop a comprehensive program. The result–a series of weekly 4-day sessions consisting of multiple inter-related courses on reducing stress, developing action plans for locating employment opportunities, resume writing, interviewing, computer basics and improving study methods–gave a tremendous boost to job seekers transitioning into new work environments.

Energy Technology

When you're trying not to just keep up with technology, but to lead the changes, your employees need an ever-changing set of skills. To keep up, your training partner has to be able to react and develop coursework just as fast. That's the reason a Fortune 100 company has called upon SkillPath for nearly a decade to create and present its internal training.

A market leader in safety, security and energy, its mission is to invent and manufacture products to solve the world's toughest technological challenges. With custom topics such as Dedicated Project Management, Writing Standard Operating Procedures and Scientific Report Writing, we've equipped their 100,000+ employees with the skills necessary to deliver on that goal.

While training with us, the company's worldwide sales rose 16% from 31.4 billion to nearly 37 billion. With all the new contracts, it's no wonder they followed-up by requesting Promoting and Improving Customer Service and Accountability and Effective Communication to Create Excellent Customer Service–and even more tailored on-site courses since then.


It's not just custom content that makes on-site training valuable, but the sheer variety and comprehensive nature of what we can deliver. A major university was looking for a training company that could provide a wide selection of business skill topics to fill their Division of Academic Outreach and Continuing Education's annual Professional Development Series. Our on-site staff assembled and coordinated 13 presentations encompassing 10 different topics across two different campuses. Participants brushed up on their skills in Dealing With Unacceptable Employee Behavior and The 10 Steps to Leadership Excellence or learned brand-new techniques by attending Excelling as a First-time Manager or Supervisor and The Conference on Innovative Marketing, among others–all in a rapid-fire, three-month period.

The partnership was such a success that the call came again the following year for another development series with another round of courses, including The Indispensable Assistant and Managing Multiple Projects, Objectives and Deadlines.