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In Develop Your Virtual Face-to-Face Customer Service, participants will learn...

  • Discuss proper dress for office and virtual appearances
  • Follow the accepted rules for business etiquette
  • Identify the needs of each generation you are serving
  • Communicate professionally whether face-to-face, on the phone or on screen virtually
  • Deal professionally, calmly and politely with even the most difficult people in your workday
  • Recognize positive and negative stressors and how to control them

Projecting a strong professional image is one of your most valuable personal resources. It helps you interact effectively with co-workers, deal successfully with clients and customers and even move up the career ladder. Today’s professional must be nimble enough to work face-to-face as well as possess the skills necessary to work virtually using cutting-edge technology. There are many facets to having a stellar professional image including the way you communicate, dress and interact with people at all levels. This course is designed to help you gain skill and confidence in presenting a highly professional, competent and appealing image in today’s business world. You will learn everything from proper business etiquette and dress to how to handle difficult customers to managing a virtual service conversation.

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    Business etiquette: Professional polish that shows

    • Basics of business etiquette
    • Create a great first impression
    • Watch out for these common workplace etiquette errors
    • Greeting and meeting people in person and virtually
    • Personal appearance: Why it makes a critical difference
    • What should you wear when appearing on camera?

    Communication: More than words

    • 3 ways we communicate
    • Be aware of your body language
    • Common distracting behaviors and their impact
    • Develop your personal charisma
    • Tips for building relationships with customers
    • How to build trust
    • Listening effectively builds relationships and trust

    The phone is the most powerful business tool

    • You never get a second chance to make a first impression
    • The importance of professional telephone techniques
    • Art of etiquette: Vocal skills
    • Your etiquette tells others about you
    • Good phone etiquette increases customer satisfaction
    • Nonverbal communication on the telephone
    • Respect will communicate across the generations

    The generations: Managing service expectations

    • Characteristics and core values of the 4 generations today
    • Generational connections in the marketplace
    • Resolving conflict between generations using these skills

    Dealing professionally with difficult people and situations

    • What might be driving their behavior … and how to respond
    • How to ask necessary questions without frustrating the customer
    • Dealing with challenging customers
    • Avoid saying things you will regret
    • Practical strategies for handling irate and abusive customers
    • What to do when you feel yourself becoming angry with a customer
    • How to use words that trigger a positive response
    • Learn to minimize your stress