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In Resilience: The Key to a Successful Career, participants will learn...

  • Define the key components and importance of resilience
  • Understand human nature
  • Develop self-awareness and emotional intelligence
  • Discuss the importance of self-regulation and well-being
  • Enhance the ability to succeed through self-efficacy

The ability to deal with the challenges that life sends our way is not something that we are born with. One exciting new finding from research is that coping strategies—like many other life skills—can be learned, practiced and fine-tuned. Resilience is the ability to adapt well to new situations and pressures. The ability to adapt and recover after stress or adversity is important in all types of businesses and careers today. With resilience, a person is better able to maintain confidence and poise when faced with changes, challenges and stressors. This dynamic and empowering course explores the strategies and techniques of resilience—giving you the type of skills that will help you be successful and enable you to thrive in the workplace.

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    What is resilience and why is it important in business?

    • Understand the key components of human resilience
    • Why resilience is important
    • The art of being human—thinking, feeling and acting are all systematically related
    • What does life balance have to do with success?
    • Stages of self-development
    • How to change internal dialogue
    • Replacing patterns of distorted thinking with “reality thinking”
    • Understanding the fight-or-flight response mechanism in all of us

    Self-awareness and emotional intelligence

    • Knowing your emotional strengths and limitations
    • The link between emotional intelligence and performance
    • Learn the art of centering and stress management and use them when life is overwhelming
    • The importance of self-awareness and the most important building block of emotional intelligence
    • What can happen when self-awareness is low
    • Assess your emotional intelligence

    Self-regulation: The necessary skills for reliable emotional well-being

    • What is meant by self-regulation?
    • Keys to developing better emotional self-regulation
    • How changing one belief can change your whole perspective

    Self-efficacy and the ability to succeed

    • How self-efficacy beliefs influence human functioning
    • The role self-efficacy plays in your specific approach to goals, tasks and challenges
    • Self-acceptance—how to give yourself the greatest gift of all