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In Executive Leadership: Strategies and Solutions, participants will learn...

  • How to build and inspire a team that gives its all
  • How to engage employees and aim them in the same direction—toward your vision
  • How to identify and eliminate obstructions to progress—yours and your organization’s
  • How to weigh risks and rewards and make the right decision every time
  • And much more!

When you’re leading at the highest levels of an organization, there’s a lot riding on what you do and how you orchestrate it. It’s a complicated job with enormous pressure and demands. And your skill requirements increase with your ever-expanding responsibilities. We’ve created a powerful advanced leadership development experience that delves into the toughest challenges you face now—or will in the future—and the various ways you can handle them. This bold, new training is designed exclusively for upper-level executives and senior managers who are required to step up and face the realities of highly competitive markets … an ever-changing global environment … and operational difficulties and uncertainties they never imagined.

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    Looking in the mirror and visualizing the leader you want to be

    • Take an honest look at the leadership strengths and limitations you bring to your role
    • The critical leadership core competencies every great leader has mastered
    • How to adopt a leadership style that enables you to adapt to any person and situation

    Establishing a framework of leadership skills

    • Discover innovative ways to better leverage personnel and resources—opportunities you may have been missing out on until now
    • Integrative thinking: How you approach a complicated problem determines the success of your solution
    • How curiosity—surprisingly—can become your competitive advantage

    Refining your strategy

    • Identify your “dominant strategy” and how to fully capitalize on it
    • How to target the best opportunities for short- and long-term growth
    • Use your influence to inspire a positive company-wide mindset of success
    • The organizational performance scorecard—your tool for letting everyone know how they’re doing at all times

    Creating an adaptive culture

    • The incredible benefits of an adaptive organizational culture—and how to build one
    • Confidently lead others through change even when you’re struggling with it yourself
    • Facilitate an innovative, agile and responsive culture in a company still clinging to old habits
    • Learn to make change—in technology and economics, at home and across the globe—work for you

    Communicating to gain trust and respect

    • Understand why people buy into ideas—and why they don’t—so you can convince others to follow your vision
    • Advanced presentation techniques used by today’s most successful professional speakers
    • The classic principles of persuasion … how and when to use them to win over anyone, from your board to the media
    • How to lead engaging, participative and productive meetings and discussions
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    Managing organizational risk

    • Understand what risk management really is
    • Identify your organization’s risks—and risk tolerance
    • Avoid missed opportunities that come with business plan misalignment
    • Perform a true and honest cost-benefit analysis
    • Break through red tape and move forward … as only a true leader can

    Thinking clearly and making strong decisions

    • Emotional intelligence in the corner office: How to fulfill the emotional requirements of executive decision making
    • Proven decision-making models and how leaders use them as they grow and evolve
    • Dynamic decision making: Integrating facts, experience and intuition
    • Red flags that tell you when it’s time to call in an expert

    Using tough-minded leadership to grow your bottom line

    • Key indicators in budgets and financial statements that will tell you when tough management action is necessary
    • Identify your critical measures of financial and operational performance and how to use them
    • Tough-minded financial leadership: Be realistic, objective and courageous when you need to
    • 4 things tough-minded leaders do differently

    Developing your most valued asset—your people

    • Human Capital Development (HCD): What it is and why it’s important to your strategic plan and future profitability and growth
    • Measuring the effectiveness of your HCD program
    • Spotting top talent and bringing them into the fold for a winning team
    • How to give your team direction, trust them to follow through and then let go

    Engaging, motivating and retaining employees

    • Surprising new data about retention and engagement and what it means in your organization
    • Your biggest opportunities to reduce turnover and increase innovation and productivity
    • Understand the pivotal factors that play into motivating, engaging and retaining employees
    • Assess the ROI of employee training and professional development … and untapped opportunities for your company to grow
    • Strategic alliances: Why they are critical to your success and tips for building, guiding and changing them as circumstances change