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In Dealing With Negative Attitudes in the Workplace, participants will learn...

  • The root source of negative attitudes and self-defeating behaviors
  • The warning signs of excessive negativity
  • How to identify and deal with the most common types of negative people
  • How to limit the destructive effects of negative people
  • How to keep negative attitudes from spreading to others

In this workshop, your associates will learn practical, proven ways to turn negative attitudes around and help even chronic pessimists accept challenging assignments and responsibilities, as well as the successes and rewards that result from positive behavior. By the end of the workshop, your associates will have learned valuable skills that will enhance your organization’s morale and boost productivity.

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    Root source of negative attitudes and self-defeating behaviors

    • Contrasting ways of looking at the world
    • Attitudes have outcomes
    • What you believe about an event shapes the consequences
    • How a negative attitude influences achievement—personally and professionally
    • Where negative thinking comes from
    • Daily contributors to negative thinking
    • Why negativity surfaces at work
    • Common warning signs of overstressed organizations
    • Recognizing and dealing with the most common negative personality types encountered in the workplace

    Assessing and dealing with negativity in the workplace

    • Warning signs of negativity in the organization
    • Negativity vs. cautious planning
    • Coping with chronically negative people
    • When you are the negative influence
    • Stimulating cooperation across teams and departments
    • Surviving—even thriving—in spite of a negative work environment

    How to limit the destructive effects of negative people

    • Limiting the debilitating effects of negative people in the workplace
    • How negative thinkers influence the rest of us
    • Keeping yourself from being dragged into negative thinking
    • Coping strategies for dealing with chronically negative people
    • Making sure you’re not inadvertently provoking negative responses
    • Using your emotional intelligence

    Managing the negativist

    • Guidelines for recognizing full-blown negativists in the workplace
    • Common situations in which negative attitudes lead to problems
    • Countering the impact of negative attitudes on individual and team performance

    Coaching yourself and others out of negative thoughts, attitudes and beliefs

    • Coaching out of negativity
    • Breaking the worrying and catastrophizing habit
    • Strategies for turning negativism into optimism
    • Helping negative people overcome their self-defeating behaviors
    • What every manager should know about coaching people to higher performance
    • Ways to change negative behaviors
    • A simple yet effective formula to change a culture of pessimism to one of optimism

    Negativity and you

    • Your optimism profile
    • Communicating for positive change
    • Projecting the positive
    • The benefits of optimistic employees
    • Recognizing the definitive qualities of a positive person
    • Major pitfalls of chronic negativity
    • Helping people change