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In Managing Through the Tough Times, participants will learn...

  • How to successfully lead a department or team through times of change and economic uncertainty
  • How to motivate employees to see this challenge as an opportunity for success
  • Techniques to get and keep control of projects, competing priorities and critical deadlines so the important work gets done
  • How to lead from strength so employees will know how to follow

In this training program, managers learn best-practice skills and strategies of companies who are succeeding during tough times. They will learn how to plan, focus, motivate, adapt and lead their teams to be efficient and effective today, and how to transition those same skills and strategies into the workplace of a healthy economy. Your organization will be well positioned to move ahead of your competitors who are still “just holding on.”

Who will benefit from this training

Team Leaders

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    Embracing change

    • Understanding and managing change are key factors for success in tough times
    • How to understand and handle the employee resistance that comes with change
    • Learn best-practice leadership skills for managing change in good and tough times
    • Understand and use the positive aspects of change
    • Foster a positive and supportive environment that motivates your team now, and lasts when the good times return
    • Learn why employee engagement is always important
    • How to keep the lines of communication open and squash the change rumor mill
    • Techniques for developing a team of high performers who thrive
    • How to deliver negative news diplomatically and professionally

    Doing more with less

    • Eliminate the factors that lead to bad decisions and workplace paralysis
    • Avoid the biggest mistakes managers make in a “do more with less” environment
    • Learn a best-practice Priority Planning Model to pinpoint the things that MUST get done
    • How to get employees right back on track if they slip into unproductive habits
    • Use proven techniques to be more productive despite an endless workload
    • How to handle interruptions that keep managers from getting work done
    • A system to eliminate procrastination
    • Effective time management tips to lighten the load, get more done and reduce stress
    • How to communicate the importance of “give and take” assignments in today’s world
    • Eliminate anxiety and stress which hampers productivity

    Motivation, innovation and creativity

    • Techniques to gain a new, creative and energized perspective
    • How to keep employees positively engaged in tough times
    • Creatively motivate and support employees
    • How to keep morale high when faced with difficult changes
    • How to balance compassion with logic in the face of change
    • How to squash the “negativity bug” to keep it from spreading
    • Show your team how to create and maintain their value to your organization
    • How to emerge from hard times with a positive perspective and renewed skills
    • Simple techniques to show employees they are valued
    • Creative rewards that mean more than they cost
    • Demonstrate how a positive work ethic benefits everyone