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In Adaptive Leadership, participants will learn...

  • Recognize leadership style preferences
  • Identify different leadership styles and team member needs
  • Define the adaptive leadership model and why it is an effective tool
  • Identify team member behaviors and skills to lead people effectively in various situations
  • Recognize consequences when leading people with an inappropriate leadership style
  • Define the developmental stages of teams
  • Use adaptive leadership principles and best practices

Adaptive leadership teaches that leaders need to understand the employee development cycle and where their team members are on that cycle. Then they should adapt their leadership style to fit each employee’s development.

It is important to adapt leadership behaviors and styles to meet individual team members’ or group needs. In this course, you will learn the concepts of adaptive leadership and teambuilding and discover the skills necessary to make these principles an integral part of your leadership tool kit.

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    Understanding the leader framework and leadership styles

    • The leader framework
    • Leadership theories
    • Leadership models
    • Defining leadership styles
    • Discover the details of your own style
    • The importance of blending your leadership style

    The adaptive leader

    • The role of the adaptive leader
    • The adaptive leadership model
    • Analyze the task
    • The team member development cycle
    • Diagnose the situation
    • The adaptive leadership response
    • When to use the introduction response, the development response or the delegation response
    • The regression path: Disengagement and a decline in performance
    • How team members feel when different responses are used
    • Empowering team member development through adaptive leadership
    • Detect when members are ready for new challenges

    Teambuilding and collaboration

    • Critical behavioral skills successful leaders must master
    • Understanding your team’s purpose and position within your organization
    • The 4 stages of team development
    • Obstacles and opportunities
    • Gradually releasing more empowerment, influence and authority to the team
    • Getting team members to listen to and accept feedback as a gift