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In Workers’ Compensation, participants will learn...

  • Discover the real cost of workers’ compensation
  • Explore the latest workers’ comp cases every HR professional should know about
  • Know red flags that indicate fraud (and the safest way to handle this)
  • How to reduce risk and cut workers’ comp costs throughout your organization

During this highly informative workshop, you’ll learn how to monitor claims and rein in workers’ compensation costs. We will zero in on your concerns, answer your toughest compliance questions and give you the skill and confidence to handle any workers’ comp claim that comes your way. Plus, we will clear up the confusion around overlapping compliance issues, insurance premiums and employer liability.

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    Ensure you fully understand your legal obligations

    • Workers’ Comp 101: Gain insight and understanding of this complex law
    • Examine the critical differences between state workers’ comp laws and what to do if you have employees in different states
    • How employer liability functions outside of workers’ compensation
    • Legal update—Get the latest news on the workers’ comp cases you should know about
    • Determine how much time injured employees can take off and when they’re guaranteed reinstatement with FMLA

    Expertly deal with on-the-job accidents and injuries

    • Actions you should take immediately in the event of an accident
    • Recognize which injuries qualify for workers’ comp and which will be denied
    • How to get an injured employee to focus on recovery instead of litigation
    • How informative you should be with employees about workers’ compensation

    Handle workers’ comp claims with confidence and skill

    • How to handle workers’ compensation claims when the employee can still perform designated duties under ADA
    • How to establish communication and follow-up with doctors and your injured employee
    • Red flags that indicate fraud (and the safest way to handle this)
    • How to handle those difficult situations when an injury doesn’t qualify for workers’ comp
    • How to manage a claims when there’s a preexisting condition
    • How to deal with injuries that don’t happen at the workplace but qualify for workers’ comp anyway

    Reduce risk and control your costs

    • How to get everyone to take safety issues as seriously as you do
    • How to determine if you’re paying too much for insurance premiums
    • Develop and implement a Return to Work program that benefits the injured employee and your company
    • Shopping for new coverage? Crucial questions to ask carriers and tips on getting a great price
    • Proven strategies to discourage employees from filing false claims
    • The top causes of workplace injuries and steps you can take to reduce risk