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In Transitioning From Microsoft® Office 2007 to 2010, participants will learn...

  • How to find their way through long Word documents with the new document Navigation Pane
  • Printing options: Where they are and how to use them
  • How to customize the Ribbon
  • Artistic Effects that will make Excel® spreadsheets look more creative

The changes between Office 2007 and 2010 are not nearly as complicated as the changes between Office 2003 and 2007. The Ribbon is still in use, and most of the commands are where you would expect them to be. But Microsoft has added some unique and worthwhile changes to Office 2010. This training course will teach your employees the new functions in Word and Excel that will make their work easier, quicker and more professional looking.

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    Word 2010’s newest features—easier, faster, better

    • The “Pizza Button” is gone and in its place is a blue File tab
    • We asked for it and Microsoft listened: A customizable Ribbon!!
    • Navigate through long documents with the new document Navigation Pane
    • How the Navigation Pane makes searches easier and more productive
    • New SmartArt® graphic picture layouts to insert pictures
    • Brand-new: The Picture Tools Format tab with great new options
    • Use new Artistic Effects which include Pencil Sketch, Line Drawing, Watercolor and many others
    • Remove the Background to highlight the subject of the picture or to eliminate distracting detail
    • Corrections and Colors will make life easier
    • Now more than one person can work in the same document, on different computers, at the same time! Really!
    • Setting up a document’s pages
    • Saving a document
    • Viewing and changing document properties
    • Printing options: Where they are and how to use them
    • Pasting just got simpler

    Excel 2010’s newest features—more options, faster ways to present data

    • The orange File tab replaces the Office Button
    • Customize the Ribbon
    • Paste with Live Preview gives a heads-up before changes are made
    • The Picture Tools tab—all new
    • Artistic Effects that will make spreadsheets look more creative
    • Sparklines—summarize trends alongside data
    • Screen Shots—love this feature
    • Slicers—this unique option show only the desired data in PivotTables
    • Improved conditional formatting with new icon sets provides more variety
    • A new version of the Solver add-in—use it to find optimal solutions in What-if Analysis
    • Pattern fills (removed in 2007) are back in 2010
    • Creating, opening, closing, deleting and saving a workbook
    • Printing spreadsheets so they come out correctly