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In Transitioning From Microsoft® Office 2003 to 2010, participants will learn...

  • About the new 2010 interface
  • How to embed a video into a PowerPoint® presentation
  • How to use the new Navigation Pane
  • The exciting new options on the Picture Tools Format tab
  • About Sparklines and Slicers in Excel®

Moving from Office 2003 to 2010 is quite a jump. As many of you probably know, 2007 was introduced with a completely renovated interface that uses Ribbons, Tabs and Commands. Office 2010 also uses this interface. While there are not a lot of major changes between 2007 and 2010, 2010 has some interesting new features including a Navigation Pane that is very worthwhile. This transition may not be easy, but with the help of this training course, your employees learn what they need to know to keep them on the right path. And in no time, they’ll be using Office 2010 like true pros.

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