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In Total Customer Service, participants will learn...

  • How to speak the language of Total Customer Service—and put word power to work in a powerful way
  • How to make an impact with cross-sell and up-sell opportunities
  • What your customers really expect from you and the organization
  • The real ways customer loyalty is developed
  • How to restore and rebuild broken relationships
  • The team approach to company-wide customer service

Total Customer Service provides the opportunity to accurately gauge your group’s current customer service capabilities. The training calculates exactly where you already meet and exceed your clients’ expectations—as well as those areas where your customers feel you fall short. Most importantly, this program shows your team how to transform “adequate” or even “good” service into a truly customer-focused program that richly rewards and fulfills all who come in contact with your organization.

Total Customer Service—delivered to you as on-site training, on your schedule and at the location of your choice—will help your employees understand and adopt the common qualities and practices shared by all first-rate customer service providers. The training demonstrates how your organization’s service strategies flow to—or away from—future success. This program will lead your organization to positive choices and behavioral changes that will make Total Customer Service a hallmark of your group or company.

Learning new skills, tactics and approaches through Total Customer Service’s extensive training is guaranteed to deliver group, personal and professional rewards in the form of satisfaction, fulfillment and financial profit.

Who will benefit from this training

Customer service providers who want to improve their skills in order to satisfy customers and maximize their long-term value

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    The essential elements of Total Customer Service

    • Identify the elements of Total Customer Service and what makes it successful
    • Gauge an organization’s current efforts and identify where service levels need to improve
    • Develop the core competencies to create an in-house Total Customer Service program
    • Distinguish an operational status quo from the customer-focused model and set initial goals to institute change

    Uncover and translate the customer expectations present in every contact

    • Comprehend the range of possible customer expectations and rank those that apply to the audience
    • Recognize the need for empathetic responses and create role-playing scenarios to practice them
    • Identify five actions that clearly signal customer understanding and launch them immediately
    • Critique responses that failed to meet customer expectations and suggest future plans for handling similar challenges

    Speak the language of Total Customer Service

    • Analyze the vocabulary, word choices and delivery used throughout customer service efforts
    • Demonstrate an understanding of supportive language that conveys customer value and importance
    • Show improved language skills by demonstrating an ability to guide customers through any exchange
    • Prepare a list of common “displeased customer” responses and strategies for working through them

    Become a master communicator to achieve Total Customer Service

    • Grasp the common threads of effective communication and describe how each applies to various customer contacts
    • Analyze the effectiveness of present verbal communication and identify areas for improvement
    • Evaluate current written communications and suggest ways to enhance their reach and influence
    • Utilize expanded knowledge to begin or improve efforts to use electronic communications to their greatest potential

    Restore and rebuild broken relationships with Total Customer Service

    • Explain the dynamics and what’s at stake when a customer is displeased with product, service or personnel
    • Critique present mindset about “problem” customers and develop a positive problem-solving attitude to deal with anyone
    • Select successful strategies for fielding customer complaints and set tactics in motion
    • Evaluate service responses that have worked or failed in the past and support them with new behaviors

    Care for yourself and you care for your customers

    • Calculate the stress and strain that accompany customer service and estimate the resulting lost productivity
    • Establish supportive coping behaviors and positive attitudes, then track the difference they make in day-to-day work
    • Compute the benefits that lowered stress and a positive outlook have on job satisfaction and performance
    • Compile ways to use criticism as a tool for improvement and record the results of these changes

    Maximum impact through up-sell and cross-sell opportunities

    • Define the connection between service and sales; then evaluate how well your organization acts on that association
    • View the “opportunity to buy” from the customer’s perspective and see what can be done to make the sale happen
    • Create a plan to provide Total Customer Service, with need-filling sales as a part of that offering
    • Prepare for the objection and other sales challenges your organization might face with established customers

    Achieve customer loyalty and repeat business through Total Customer Service

    • Apply the concepts of customer loyalty and repeat business to a customer list
    • Incorporate behavior that will boost loyalty and begin practicing those skills today
    • Identify current loyalty-producing activities and new ideas to make them more productive
    • Contrast the results of mediocre service with the rewards of great customer care; then set goals to achieve those increased returns

    The team approach to company-wide Total Customer Service

    • Calculate how the value of one person’s or group’s efforts will grow if customer service is made an organizational priority
    • Take initial steps to convey the benefits and encourage others to join the push for better service levels
    • Expand existing programs in breadth and depth to achieve measurable service improvements
    • Ensure that adequate service is maintained, while launching concrete plans for updates, improvements and expansion