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In Terrific Telephone Skills, participants will learn...

  • How to gain and maintain control of any telephone call
  • How to deal with difficult callers
  • How to listen effectively and respond efficiently
  • How to screen and transfer calls correctly
  • And much more!

Even with the amazing range of technology available today, the most effective business tool is still the telephone. It’s the convenient, easily accessible lifeline for every sales team, billing department and customer service group. Yet, if used improperly, the telephone can be as damaging to your business as it is beneficial.

Our expert trainers are customer service call center pros who will provide the critical telephone skills training you simply must have to make an impression that guarantees success. It’s the perfect way to polish the communication techniques of anyone who represents your business.

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    Projecting a positive, professional image

    • It’s not what you say, but how you say it, and it does make a difference
    • “They don’t care how much you know, till they know how much you care”
    • Learn the 7-step technique for picture-perfect projection that ensures communication takes place
    • Discover how to make an immediate, positive first impression that lasts throughout the call
    • Sound as fresh at the end of the day as you did when you started (maybe fresher!)

    Dealing with challenging callers

    • Learn how to not be intimidated when the caller is being verbally abusive
    • Respond with authority in situations where your ability and knowledge are being questioned
    • Gain and maintain control of the call by learning techniques for letting callers “vent”
    • Getting beyond language and accent barriers to where communication takes place
    • Overly talkative? Slow talkers? Fast talkers? There really are ways to handle them

    “Hi-tech” vs. “Hi-touch”—getting back to the basics

    • Answer the phone with the proper greeting (and yes, there is a proper greeting for your organization)
    • Avoid the most counterproductive of all telephone activities, playing telephone tag
    • Take messages that will be readily understood and easily acted upon
    • Learn how to transfer a call without stressing the caller
    • There is a “best time” to hang up the phone, and you may be surprised at when that is
    • Discover how the “2-finger rule” can help you determine if communication has taken place
    • Do you use a handset? A headset? Are you upset? Or what!?

    Having fun being effective on the phone

    • Really enjoying your job is a pleasure enjoyed by relatively few people, but you can be one of them
    • Keeping a positive attitude frequently presents a challenge to telephone professionals, but it really can be done
    • Wouldn’t it be wonderful to wake up Monday morning exclaiming, “T.G.I.M.”?
    • Grow personally and professionally, becoming more valuable to the organization and feeling better about you
    • You can’t control everything that happens on the phone, but you can control your response—learn to accept 100% responsibility

    How to be a telephone superstar

    • Learn the reasons (including the main reason) that your customers leave—and if they can’t leave, why they’d like to
    • Experience the remarkable 8-step procedure for creative listening in every phone communication
    • The KISP Principle works every time, and is easy to learn and to apply
    • How to leave an effective voice mail
    • Discover stress-reducing techniques that can be used any time, any place (and one or two that are best done when you’re alone)