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In How to Successfully Make the Transition to Supervisor, participants will learn...

  • Communication strategies to keep things flowing smoothly
  • How to avoid the most common mistakes of new supervisors
  • How to manage former co-workers the right way
  • Motivation techniques that really work
  • How to resolve conflicts to keep everyone satisfied

Management is not an easy job, especially when you’re new. Whereas before you only had yourself to worry about, now you’re responsible for leading a team. And this includes lots of responsibilities and expectations that you may not be prepared to deal with.

But don’t worry, we’re here to help! Featuring the proven skills and expert strategies you need, How to Successfully Make the Transition to Supervisor will help you tackle any issue you’re faced with, from communication nightmares to motivation strategies.

Sign up for this fun and fast-paced one-day seminar and you’ll learn to successfully navigate the world of management, while avoiding pitfalls and capitalizing on your strengths. Designed with you in mind, this training contains all the information you need to make the jump from employee to manager smooth and effective.

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    Your new role

    • Adapting to your new position and added responsibilities
    • The boss-employee dynamic and how it affects you
    • 5 common mistakes new supervisors make
    • Building trust and respect
    • Finding your personal leadership style
    • Eliminating roadblocks to your success

    Leading with skill and poise

    • Establishing your authority without appearing “bossy”
    • Managing your time and priorities effectively
    • Keeping your cool when things go haywire
    • How to effectively delegate responsibilities
    • Conflict resolution that will leave all parties satisfied

    Communicating for maximum effect

    • Supervisor talk: The keys to successful communication
    • Gathering and giving effective feedback
    • Communicating up and down the job ladder
    • Nonverbal communication and how to ensure you’re sending the message you intended
    • Resolving communication barriers and problems

    Dealing with former peers

    • Simple strategies to deal with ill will from your promotion
    • Using personal relationships for your gain: A how-to
    • Managing friends and close associates
    • Dealing with criticism from your team
    • Encouraging frank discussion with your former peers
    • Disciplining problem employees
    • The right way to manage employees who are older than you

    Expert motivation techniques

    • Giving feedback the right way, without hurting feelings
    • Vital listening skills that will make your job easier
    • Setting a good example to get the most from your team
    • Identifying and motivating chronic underachievers
    • Using the right motivational technique for each situation

    Master management problem solving

    • Common management problems and their causes
    • Identifying issues before they arise
    • Determining the impact of solutions on your team
    • Strategies for making tough and unpopular decisions
    • Keeping your cool when dealing with problems