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In Strategic Thinking, participants will learn...

  • How to apply strategic thinking to every challenge—big or small
  • How to create flexible plans and how to quickly modify should conditions change
  • How to ask questions that generate new thinking and solutions
  • How to challenge “that’s the way we’ve always done it” attitudes
  • How to access the impacts of decisions, both short-term and long-term

In a world that’s changing as fast as ours, the ability to think strategically has become the responsibility of every employee—from the boardroom to the front line. Our training course, Strategic Thinking, introduces an innovative, new way to think about and approach the troubling business problems and challenges so many leaders are up against today. This training unpacks the skills, attitudes, traits and behaviors employees need to think critically, find new answers, uncover new opportunities and make better decisions.

Who will benefit from this training

No matter the job title or function, your employees will learn practical skills they can use to lead your teams, departments and organization to greater success.

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    Strategic thinking in a complex business world

    • Strategic thinking is a process
    • What many people wrongly assume about their view of the world
    • Creating a vision
    • 4 things to know before identifying an objective
    • How to confidently—and playfully—challenge conventional thinking
    • An open mind: How it will absolutely change thinking and business
    • Which is more important—strategic thinking or strategic planning?
    • The skill set of all strategic thinkers
    • Real-world examples of how successful strategic thinkers are making a difference in their organizations

    Make better decisions by thinking beyond today

    • Flexibility—the breakfast of strategic champions
    • Making strategic thinking time a priority—even on the busiest of days
    • Planning and predicting the future
    • Scanning your external environment for trends and developments
    • Fend off know-it-alls, experts and other types of people living in the past
    • The role of hunches in decision making
    • 5 great tips for developing a personal information-gathering plan

    Tools that’ll supercharge thinking and results

    • Asking the questions that make people squirm, stretch, reflect and think beyond “now”
    • A big-picture view—the tool strategic thinkers rely on most
    • How intuition can be a double-edged sword
    • Beyond hard facts and data: Allowing imagination to kick in
    • Mental exercises for breaking free from thinking ruts
    • Handling risk—it’s more about attitude than anything else
    • Mistakes? There’s no such thing if you’re a true strategic thinker

    Creative thinking

    • What can cloud thinking?
    • Using “and” thinking to make sense of opposites and contradictions
    • Asking the magical “5 whys”
    • How “what if” thinking can help deal with uncertainty
    • Strategies for releasing a flow of original ideas
    • Pattern recognition: A powerful tool for making effective decisions quickly

    Move from strategy into action—the key to results

    • Defining specific action steps that will turn strategy into change
    • Why it’s critical to align change from the inside out—not the outside in
    • Recognizing potential constraints—both internal and external
    • Oops! Don’t make this major communication blunder
    • Identifying resources and—just as important—resource gaps
    • A useful way to think about making choices and prioritizing actions
    • How an overly detailed plan can be the kiss of death
    • Pulling a team together and setting them up for success
    • Assessing the pros and cons of a plan
    • The secret to keeping on track