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In Strategic Selling Skills, participants will learn...

  • The “who”, “what” and “double why” basics of selling
  • What is a good listener and how active listening will boost sales
  • How to ask effective questions to advance the sale
  • How to keep customers coming back

This class provides your participants with the strategic selling skills and strategies needed to confidently and effectively prospect, sell, close and manage accounts. Participants will learn the techniques necessary to sell from a strategic vantage point and close today’s sale while positioning themselves and your organization as the right choice for future initiatives.

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    Sales essentials

    • How to set a clear pre-call objective so sales calls hit the mark every time
    • The “who”, “what” and “double why” basics of selling
    • Techniques that build personal connections and gain more information about the client’s business
    • Understanding customer personality profiles and buying types
    • Selling-skills survey—evaluation of selling skills
    • Make each customer contact an opportunity to serve and sell in new ways
    • Techniques to build a relationship with the gatekeeper so they become an ally

    Time management

    • Why knowing the difference between goal-related tasks and routine tasks is vitally important for increasing sales productivity and achieving long-range goals
    • 5 questions for analyzing the most efficient way to carry out every task
    • How high-producing sales professionals use the telephone as a time-saver instead of a time-waster
    • How to turn idle waiting time into productive time

    Active listening

    • What is a good listener and how active listening will boost sales
    • Evaluation of listening skills
    • The 6 keys to active listening and why they must be used in every meeting
    • Identifying the actions that encourage active listening
    • Discovering a personal sales communication skill set
    • Understanding what a client is “not” saying
    • Common listening mistakes

    How to ask effective questions

    • Identify the benefits of effective questions
    • How to ask effective questions to advance the sale
    • Leverage active listening and effective questioning as a powerful combination
    • 4 strategic questions to use in every sales call
    • The most important question and why it must be asked early

    Analysis and positioning

    • Providing value to a client and how to present it effectively
    • What is negotiated pricing and why is it better than discounting
    • How to leverage negotiated pricing to gain more business
    • Uncovering the bigger picture, looking beyond today’s sale

    Gaining commitment

    • What is a trial action question?
    • How to read buying signals
    • How to resolve customer concerns before they become an objection
    • Effectively handle resistance and customer fears
    • Leading the way for reluctant and indecisive buyers
    • Turn a “no” into a “yes”
    • How to communicate value when a buyer is concerned with price

    Closing the sale

    • Learn the 4 stages of closing and how to move through each seamlessly to win the sale
    • Important considerations to keep in mind when closing
    • The key to smooth closings
    • A “script” in your own words—it is essential in a face-to-face meeting
    • Reminding customers of your organization’s business value
    • How to comfortably and effectively move a customer forward into uncharted territory
    • Powerful closing techniques that work

    Up-selling secrets

    • Why they’ll buy more and why they’ll buy it from your organization now
    • The art of bundling and how it can increase sales quickly and easily
    • The hard part is over: Why up-selling is so much easier than making the initial sale
    • The “how-to’s” of the up-sell offer

    Building the long-term relationship

    • Keep customers coming back