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In Strategic Performance Management, participants will learn...

  • Define how performance management connects to business strategy
  • Assess your role as a manager in the process
  • Discuss the keys to aligning strategic goals to individual performance goals so everyone knows how they fit into the strategy
  • Improve performance through effective coaching and feedback that motivate employees to achieve strategic goals
  • Discover how to properly assess and document performance

Strategic performance management calls for clear and achievable expectations. As a strong manager or supervisor, you must ensure that performance can be measured, reviewed and adjusted in ways that work for the organization and for the employee. That’s the singular focus of this powerful one-day workshop: To provide you with practical, real-world training that delivers proven skills for achieving results day in and day out that are connected to your overall business strategy.

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    What is strategic performance management?

    • What is strategic performance management?
    • Strategic performance management process
    • A closer look at managing organizational performance
    • The manager’s responsibilities

    Mastering the art of alignment

    • Why strategy execution fails
    • How to align goals and expectations to strategy
    • Practice goal alignment
    • Important goal-setting considerations for managers

    Performance coaching and feedback

    • What coaches do
    • How to identify teachable moments and use adult learning principles when coaching
    • Understand the 2 strategic performance coaching perspectives
    • Simple and effective coaching models
    • The right way to ask questions
    • How to give constructive feedback
    • Inadvertent contributions to performance issues

    The annual review and development plans

    • Conducting the annual performance review
    • Documenting employee performance
    • Anticipate disagreements and questions—be prepared
    • Individual development planning

    Bonus tools

    • SMART goal examples
    • Coaching skills self-assessment
    • Rater bias information
    • Coaching language examples
    • Performance coaching templates
    • How to receive constructive feedback from your team