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In Stress Solutions, participants will learn...

  • How to balance the multiple demands of career, family and personal life
  • How to rethink priorities so they’re in control of each day
  • How to nurture themselves without feeling self-indulgent
  • How to keep their energy level high, concentration sharp and productivity up when the pressure is on
  • How to become a more productive employee by reducing their stress levels

Are demanding deadlines, multiple priorities, family pressures or an overwhelming workload influencing your organization’s employees? Stress is one of the biggest energy drainers, productivity killers and relationship destroyers there is. This enlightening training course was developed to help your employees pinpoint personal stressors, evaluate priorities, realistically access limits, teach assertiveness skills and help them develop a stress-reducing program.

Who will benefit from this training

Any employee within an organization

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    Understanding the body’s response to stress

    • Understanding the 3 stages of stress
    • The mind-body connection: Understanding the relationship between stress and health
    • When stress reaches the point of diminishing returns: Understanding the fine line between good stress and bad stress
    • How personality type and attitude relate to stress
    • Stress reduction
    • How blow-ups can lead to burnout: Understanding the link between anger and stress
    • Relighting the fire: Steps for regaining enthusiasm, drive and confidence when chronic stress leads to burnout

    The special stressors

    • Getting to the heart of the self-esteem issues that contribute to stress
    • How to avoid the damaging effects of stress that come with “success”
    • How to counteract the hidden sources of stress
    • Tips for reducing everyday stress
    • How to stop perfectionism from becoming pressure
    • How to eliminate the victim-type thinking that reinforces a stress cycle
    • How to use positive pep talks to drive away the negative thinking and anxiety that compound stress
    • Overcoming the mistaken notion that worrying means showing caring and concern
    • How to counteract the 12 components of faulty thinking

    Identifying the causes of stress

    • A checklist for assessing stress hot spots
    • Recognizing the special stresses of being a working parent
    • 10 questions to assess priorities
    • How to cope with the situations that can’t be changed
    • Confronting burnout and 10 signs

    Stress recovery tools and techniques

    • The Number One rule for a stress management program to be effective
    • How to short-circuit tension and pressure
    • Quick, energizing techniques to get through high-stress periods
    • Planning ahead and dealing with difficult times
    • Proven relaxation techniques that provide long-lasting relief from stress
    • Food for the soul: A dozen ways to nurture yourself when no one else will
    • 5 mental tricks for making it through the daily stressors in your life
    • How to find refuge from stress
    • Why having a strong support system is vital to any stress recovery program
    • How eating habits affect stress levels
    • 6 quick pick-me-up exercises that anyone can fit into a schedule

    How to balance multiple roles and responsibilities

    • Concrete steps you can take to smooth the transition from work to home
    • Time management techniques designed to de-stress schedules that are in distress
    • Delegating doesn’t mean declaring defeat: How to get it all done
    • Solutions for coping with the most common causes of 9-to-5 stress
    • How taking care of yourself first actually helps take care of others better
    • The 2 cardinal rules of parenting to take the pressure off of yourself and your children
    • How practicing “selective” insensitivity can actually improve personal relationships
    • 12 guidelines for keeping your expectations realistic

    How to keep the stress from others away

    • Assertive communication techniques for getting others to solve their own problems
    • How to defuse the anger and stress that sabotages intimate relationships
    • How to offer support when tragedy strikes
    • 10 reassuring ways to help your family members, friends and co-workers manage their stress more effectively
    • 6 techniques for overcoming the common communication pitfalls that create stress in relationships
    • How to disarm and redirect the angry attacks of others rather than combat them