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In Secrets to Being a Front Desk Superstar, participants will learn...

  • 8 great strategies to count on when it comes to handling difficult people and situations
  • Powerful phone skills to help handle multiple calls with confidence and ease—no matter what!
  • Specific things to project an image that commands respect
  • Tactics for maintaining safety and security
  • And much more!

Most front desk professionals wear lots of hats! They’re handling callers’ questions, dealing with visitors and vendors who can be demanding or rude, juggling the demands of multiple bosses, handling paperwork and mail … the list goes on and on. We know the job of a front desk professional is anything but easy and that’s why we designed Secrets to Being a Front Desk Superstar. This training course provides hundreds of practical tips, techniques and secrets, each designed to give them the cool confidence and professional skills to make it look easy and really shine.

Who will benefit from this training

Administrative assistants
Executive secretaries
Support staff
Office managers
Anyone who is responsible for coordinating, managing or being an effective member of an office team

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    Techniques for handling difficult callers, visitors and tasks with ease

    • How to make the most of the 6 seconds that can make or break a relationship with a customer
    • How to immediately put visitors at ease … even when they have to wait
    • Helpful tips for keeping track of visitors
    • How to get a point across—even when talking to a person who’s resistant, upset or angry
    • How to deal with feelings of anger and helplessness when dealing with difficult people or unreasonable behavior
    • Foolproof steps to project an “in-charge” image
    • How to say “No” without feeling guilty or causing resentment
    • 3 strong but nonthreatening responses to verbal abuse

    Phone techniques to ease stress and maintain control

    • How to handle the all-important role as gatekeeper with poise and polish
    • How to establish authority and still be gracious … even with the vendor who won’t take “No” for an answer!
    • The 7 sentences to never say to a caller … and what to say instead
    • Polite and effective ways to get ramblers, whiners and storytellers to “cut to the chase”
    • Phone finesse: Simple things to make sure callers feel taken care of
    • Effective meetings and being assertive
    • Power tips for ensuring calls are promptly returned
    • An innovative way to stay “up” for every phone call … even when the same question has been answered 20 times

    Down-to-earth ways to project an image that commands respect

    • How to ensure words and actions reflect a professional image
    • Body language: How to use it and read it to
    • How to avoid sending contradictory or confusing signals
    • Gain and maintain respect and credibility with these strategies
    • How to maintain high energy and enthusiasm all day long
    • Key things to gain recognition and expand within an organization

    How to remain calm under pressure … even when others are angry or upset

    • Communication skills to minimize conflict and reduce friction
    • 8 great ways to handle difficult people and situations … without getting upset or hurt
    • The 2 rules of stress-free living to use on the job
    • The 3-step solution for getting a customer’s mood from irate to great
    • The secret to remaining calm … even in the midst of craziness!
    • How “thinking styles” affect responses to challenging circumstances

    How to juggle multiple responsibilities and the priorities of more than one boss

    • Sure-fire—and simple—ways to have a great relationship with any and every boss
    • How to ask clarifying questions to get the job done right the first time
    • A diplomatic way to address the problem of escalating expectations
    • What to say when bosses have conflicting priorities
    • Easy tactics to ensure a day isn’t dominated by others
    • How to keep from being sidetracked—or totally derailed—by interruptions
    • How to create a work environment that supports you and represents your company well
    • 10 terrific tips for streamlining paperwork so it doesn’t keep piling up
    • How to handle co-workers who overact
    • Too many details to manage? Here’s an easy system for making sure none of the “to-do” items slip through the cracks

    Safety update: How to handle security threats and dangerous situations

    • Steps to take in case of fire, natural disaster or violence?
    • Sexual harassment: The latest on what constitutes harassment and what to do about it
    • Important guidelines for responding correctly to emergencies and security threats
    • Alert: Don’t go another day without this list of phone numbers
    • Could this situation get out of hand? Warning signs to watch for
    • HELP! How to know when it’s inappropriate to handle emergencies alone … and what to do in the 4 most common emergency situations