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In Make Your Résumé Work for You, participants will learn...

  • Write a clear, complete, easy-to read and appealing résumé
  • Adjust the content of your résumé to demonstrate a close fit to jobs you’re applying for
  • Design your résumé to highlight attention from electronic scanners and recruiters
  • Post your résumé on job Web sites such as and on employer Web sites
  • Use networking Web sites to help market yourself to employers

The key to getting a new job is marketing yourself. This involves developing a great message and delivering it to the right people through the right channels. The Internet has changed the channels of communication dramatically, but there are still some key actions that every job hunter must take. This course will teach participants how to write an effective résumé, regardless of their background, and submit it to prospective employers and job sites using traditional and electronic communication methods.

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    The Goal of Your Résumé

    • What an effective résumé will do for you
    • What a potential employer wants to know about you

    Preparing Your Résumé

    • How long it takes an interviewer to scan your résumé
    • Characteristics of well-designed, appealing résumés

    Creating the Résumé

    • Basic information to include
    • Writing the position statement
    • Focus on major accomplishments in the experience summary
    • How to list education, professional activities and additional information
    • What not to include in your résumé
    • How to handle attachments
    • Formatting tips to make your résumé more appealing

    Scannable and Email Résumés

    • Why you should use a text-only format for online systems
    • Follow these guidelines to help résumé systems extract info

    How to Use the Internet in Your Job Search

    • Popular job Web sites
    • Social Networking Web sites
    • Researching specific companies
    • Posting to employers’ Web sites
    • Posting your resume to a job Web site

    The Résumé and the Cover Letter

    • Three types of résumés—Chronological, Functional and Combined—and when to use each one
    • Key words and phrases to give your résumé more power
    • Résumé checklist: It’s not ready until you’ve double-checked everything
    • Don’t forget a great cover letter