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In Professional and Personal Enrichment, participants will learn...

  • Communication skills that persuade, influence and empower
  • How to break out of the rut to solve problems and make decisions
  • Practical conflict management techniques for taking control over difficult people and situations
  • How to get a handle on multiple projects and priorities

Today, more than ever before, there are absolutely no limits to what employees can achieve—especially when they are equipped with the right tools, the right plan and the right attitude. That’s what this training program was designed for: To bring your organization’s professionals powerful information and profound insights that will have a lasting, positive impact on their lives.

The training starts with a thought-provoking session, “Life Lessons From 5 Unstoppable People,” and then offers several practical, idea-packed sessions which can be custom-tailored to fit your organization’s unique needs.

Show your employees that you appreciate all they do—and want them to live life more productively, more enthusiastically, more joyfully. Your employees will find this a moving, motivating and empowering day. And they’ll learn valuable life skills together, resulting in stronger relationships that will help them better cope with everyday challenges. They’ll come away with dozens of great new possibilities for their careers and their lives and the passion to turn them into action … we guarantee it.

Who will benefit from this training

Any employee within an organization

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    Communication skills

    • Discover the most common communication pitfalls—and how to sidestep them
    • Tips for delivering confident, powerful and persuasive presentations—one-on-one or in any group situation
    • How to present ideas to upper management, clients, co-workers, employees—anyone—in a way that gets attention and ensures “buy-in” and support
    • How to avoid grammar gaffes, punctuation pitfalls, typographical travesties and other written mistakes
    • How to correctly use assertive language and mannerisms that send a message of power, confidence and authority

    Innovative thinking

    • How to overcome the 6 major stumbling blocks to creativity
    • Eight tips for flexing your creative muscle
    • How to apply 11 great “Aha!” ideas to see problems and challenges in new ways
    • How to evaluate the risk of a new idea against its chance of success
    • How to persuasively present innovative ideas so they get accepted and implemented

    Dealing with difficult people

    • 5 fears that keep people from confronting others who rub them the wrong way
    • 6 extremely reliable techniques for remaining calm during a heated situation
    • How to express anger in a healthy and constructive way
    • How to manage anxiety that goes hand in hand with difficult encounters
    • Great insight into mending relationships
    • Are beliefs and attitudes contributing to the problem?

    How to manage multiple projects

    • How to wipe out the BIG 3 productivity killers
    • How to supercharge personal productivity with simple changes
    • Deadlines: Are they real … or phony? How to tell
    • Tapping into the power of the awesome “divide-and-conquer” strategy
    • Surprising insight into organization
    • 6 sure cures for “hurry sickness”

    How to make money!

    • What simple truth America’s highest-paid people know and apply every day
    • Breaking through the myths about “successful” people
    • 3 shockingly simple work practices that can pay off in a big way
    • The #1 reason that so many employees fall short of their true earning potential
    • The eye-opening differences in how men and women view their paychecks
    • How to finally get out of an earnings rut

    The power of confidence

    • How to renew self-confidence and ignite passion for life
    • 4 steps for turning wimpy thinking into a winning attitude
    • Don’t take it personally! Strategies for handling criticism, bad news and setbacks with grace and grit
    • How to present ideas “up the ladder” in a way that gets attention and respect
    • Eliminate power-robbing speech habits, words and gestures that shout “I’m a lightweight!”
    • How to assertively ask for help, information … even more responsibility!

    What to say in tough situations

    • The 5 Golden Rules for having conversations
    • Tips on how to ask for things—a deadline extension, a raise, relief from an assignment—without being apologetic or defensive
    • How to address even the most awkward topics—like body odor, bad breath, poor table manners and inappropriate dress—in a way that leaves everyone’s dignity intact
    • The secret to dealing with people directly, honestly and on equal footing

    Handling emotions at work

    • The 6 Golden Rules for maintaining emotional control
    • How to overcome a “fear of foolishness” and loosen up a little
    • Have you tried this? Unusual—but effective—ways to manage stress and beat the blues
    • How to uncover anger triggers … and how to express anger productively
    • Exercise your humor muscle! Learn how to use levity to cope with problems and feel good

    How to present yourself

    • How to project an image of self-confidence and assertiveness without seeming “pushy”
    • How to foster an appearance of command, yet approachable
    • Learn which mannerisms, gestures and speech habits to avoid at all costs
    • How personal appearance plays an important role in the workplace
    • How to handle stressed-out people and difficult situations calmly and confidently