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In Preventing and Handling Workplace Violence, Aggression and Bullying, participants will learn...

  • Improve morale and productivity
  • Make it clear that aggression and bullying are not welcome
  • Identify the important legal differences between aggression, harassment and bullying
  • Prevent employees from creating toxic work environments
  • Handle difficult, angry people
  • The best ways to safely investigate employee behavior
  • The strategies to prevent situations from turning violent

It is understandable that no one wants to believe violence can happen in his or her own organization. Unfortunately, that means even experienced HR professionals and managers often miss the warning signs or take too long to respond to a threat in a situation where every second counts.

That’s why you don’t want to miss this prevention and response workshop. You’ll assess the risk of violence in your own organization and learn what steps will have a real and lasting impact on everyone’s safety.

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    Preventing workplace violence and aggression

    • The most effective actions you can take to prevent violence and aggression in your organization
    • The critical difference between aggressive management style, harassment and bullying—what to do when they overlap
    • Why HR often ends up being a target of violence in the workplace and steps you must take to keep the department safe
    • Risk assessment—How to determine where the greatest threats are in your workplace
    • How companies are being held liable for the safety of employees and clients
    • How pre-employment screening is a vital first step to keeping bullying, aggression and violence out of the office

    Dealing with difficult people and inappropriate behavior

    • Why telling an angry person to calm down often makes the situation worse
    • The Bully Test—How to tell if supervisors are bullying their direct reports or managing them
    • The reason you should put a stop to gossip, rumors and innuendo right now
    • Why bullying managers escalate their behavior and how to stop them
    • Safely handle the progressive discipline process when it involves workplace aggression or bullying
    • How workplace bullies cross the line into harassment and what your legal responsibilities are if it happens

    Create a positive environment and a safer workplace

    • The incredibly high price companies pay for looking the other way
    • How to handle and document tough conversations with employees
    • The most important screening questions to ask former employers—It’s critical you know this
    • Interview questions and assessments to help you discover if someone has aggressive or bullying tendencies
    • Learn the successes and failures of real-world companies that have dealt with bullying, aggression and violence

    Respond to threats and special situations

    • The best course of action if domestic abuse spills over into the workplace
    • Discreetly and safely investigate claims of bullying and harassment
    • Cyberbullying: How today’s technology causes issues in and out of the office
    • Create a Threat Response Team that can make a real difference when seconds count