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In Dealing With Personality Clashes at Work, participants will learn...

  • Why personalities clash and what you can do about it
  • How to choose healthy responses—not fly off the handle
  • How to give criticism without straining relationships
  • The #1 reason behind most personal disagreements
  • And much more!

Do you find yourself tiptoeing around two or more personalities who can’t—or won’t—get along? Is there one person in particular who is unpleasant, annoying and intent on making your life miserable? Do you ever get caught in the crossfire between two warring departments? Dealing with personal disagreements doesn’t come naturally. That’s why this fast-paced, comprehensive seminar is so important. It delivers the special set of skills and tools required to handle all these personal disagreements and many more—strategies it could take you years to learn on your own. And it gives you the confidence to use them with unshakable calm and professionalism.

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    Approach conflict with a new perspective

    • The 4 basic emotions underlying many conflicts
    • What happens when personality clashes are ignored
    • Looking in the mirror … could you be part of the problem?
    • Rumors, gossip, office politics: The importance of taking the high road
    • Why creating harmony in today’s diverse workplace is so challenging
    • Eye-opening insight into why people behave the way they do

    Anticipate and prepare for emotional fireworks

    • How to stop a conflict before it starts
    • How to get to the root of the problem—fast
    • Spotting red flags that may mean conflict is brewing
    • Avoiding the triggers that tick people off
    • 4 of the best ways to handle negative people

    Manage your own emotions

    • How to head off conflict by changing your thinking
    • Breathe—and 3 other tips for staying calm
    • How to respond—not react—when someone pushes your buttons
    • How to not take things personally
    • How to stop emotional overreactions—and regrets
    • Understanding your emotions and why you feel the way you do
    • Is it ever okay to simply shrug and look the other way?

    Navigate emotional minefields

    • Dealing with pouting, moping and other passive-aggressive behavior
    • When loyalty can turn destructive
    • The trick to finding common ground
    • The Zen Approach to working with that someone who drives you bonkers
    • Conquer your fear of emotional situations
    • What hostility looks like and feels like—and what to do about it
    • Nobody’s perfect: Accepting others’ weaknesses and your own

    Communicate through conflict

    • The vital role of clear communication in a conflict
    • How to simultaneously get your point across and strengthen a relationship
    • The principles of non-confrontational communication
    • When office jokes aren’t so funny—and are actually destructive
    • How to mediate your way through even the worst conflicts
    • How an open, honest discussion can start the healing
    • How to neutralize that one “bad personality”

    Let go and move on

    • When firing seems like the only solution—legal facts you must understand
    • How to let go of a grudge
    • How to restore a damaged work relationship
    • How to keep conflict from turning into an epidemic
    • Why the best leaders own up to their mistakes
    • How to recover quickly and help others do the same
    • How to let go of emotions at the end of the day
    • The power of a professional apology
    • How to create a culture where differences are celebrated