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In Personality Styles, participants will learn...

  • Identify your own style and personality preferences of other styles
  • Explain how style affects communication, goals and stress
  • Use communication strategies suited to each personality style
  • Identify the best ways to work effectively with different personality styles

When people understand the differences in personality style, the unique characteristics that each style brings to the table and how each style communicates differently, then conflict and tensions subside dramatically. This training helps you understand personality style differences and the important dynamics of communication.

In this training, you will use the Personality Profile to assess your preferences and discover how your personal style affects interactions with others. You will learn about four main types of personalities and address how each style offers strengths and challenges. At the completion of this training, you will have the knowledge needed to develop and maintain good relationships that lead to success.

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    An opportunity to discover your personal style

    • The current models used to assess personality differences
    • Discover what style indicators are and how to use them
    • Assess your primary and secondary styles
    • Examine your personal style more deeply and discover how your style interacts with others in everyday situations
    • Analyze all the styles collectively: Relater, Innovator, Analyzer and Driver—and develop an awareness of unique attributes that contribute to team success

    Working within the style spectrum

    • Understand what the style spectrum is and how it can be applied when communicating with others around you
    • Communication preferences of each personality style
    • Learn how to effectively work with each communication style in the spectrum
    • Discover how different personality styles react to the most common job situations

    Real-world application of the Personality Explorer™

    • Gain more information about each individual personality and how to orchestrate them to work on a team
    • Learn more about the Driver personality and how to best work with the other styles
    • Learn more about the Innovator personality and how to best work with the other styles
    • Learn more about the Relater personality and how to best work with the other styles
    • Learn more about the Analyzer personality and how to best work with the other styles
    • Identify how your style may need to adjust in order to accomplish goals and get the results you want
    • Explore your personality using a self-reflection exercise and create personal action goals