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In Embracing Change, participants will learn...

  • To understand the challenges and the benefits of change
  • How people respond to change, and why some thrive while others struggle
  • The change process and how to handle the various reactions you may have
  • What part of change may be particularly challenging to you individually—and how to make it a positive experience

Change is a fact of life. However, most people don’t like it and some don’t adjust to or accept it readily. To be successful in today’s ever-changing world, you must understand what change is, how people tend to respond to it and how you can embrace it as an opportunity for growth and progress. If you can learn to view change positively, and respond accordingly, you will see a benefit in your professional and personal life.

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    Understanding change

    • Understanding global change
    • Some of the realities of change
    • Identifying the benefits and challenges of our changing environment

    The human response to change

    • How people respond to change and why some people thrive on it
    • Uncovering four types of organizational change
    • Understanding the resistance to change
    • The 20/50/30 rule
    • Identifying the steps in the process of change and changing your habits
    • Principles for the individual in fast-changing organizations

    Staying productive when everything around you is changing

    • What can get in the way of getting results and achieving success
    • Determine your external and internal concerns about change right now
    • Identifying and setting priorities to help you transition through change
    • The payoff for getting the important things done first
    • How the Pareto Principle applies to change
    • How to set SMART goals
    • Analyzing your daily task list and knowing your prime time

    Remaining efficient despite obstacles and interruptions

    • Get technology on your side: Take advantage of technology to save time
    • Handle interruptions that keep you from getting things done
    • Use the USA method to say “no"
    • Make your meetings count

    The personal side of change: Learning to thrive, not just survive

    • Understand your response to change
    • Increase your risk capacity and flexibility
    • Characteristics of personal hardiness and how to improve yours
    • Coping with workplace stress, anxiety and anger
    • Helping others deal with questions and concerns about change
    • Turn your perspective around: A personal formula for dealing with change successfully