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In Embracing Change, participants will learn...

  • How to understand and overcome resistance to change
  • The secrets to working effectively when everything is changing
  • How to increase risk-taking behavior and become more flexible
  • The 5 stages of adjustment following a dramatic change
  • How to build “personal hardiness” and use it as a buffer against stressful events
  • Ways to handle workplace anxiety

More than ever before, organizations are evolving, innovating and changing to stay alive and competitive. And they’re depending on their employees to accept and support difficult changes in leadership, technologies, policies or management approaches vital to future success. Unfortunately, most employees initially resist workplace change and defend the status quo—it’s human nature.

With this training program, we make it easy and convenient for your organization to avoid resistance that can seriously impact your efforts, productivity and morale and ensure employees don’t just “survive” inevitable changes in the workplace—but flourish in the process.

Your employees will gain a practical framework for successfully navigating all stages of the change process so they don’t waste a minute while finding challenge and opportunity in the new order. They’ll explore their own unique reactions to change and how to work through resistance, anger and anxiety while learning new tools for remaining focused, healthy and productive during stressful transitions.

There’s no better way to build an organization of flexible, resilient employees who thrive on change and are committed to making it work!

Who will benefit from this training

Team Leaders

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    Understanding change

    • Identifying the pros and cons to a changing environment
    • Understanding global change
    • Learning how people respond to change
    • Why some people thrive on change
    • Uncovering the 4 types of organizational change
    • Understanding the resistance to change
    • Identifying the 3 steps in the change process
    • How many days to break a habit?
    • Understanding the principles for the individual in a fast-changing organization

    How to work effectively, especially when everything is changing

    • Determine internal and external obstacles to getting results
    • Identifying and setting priorities
    • How can we get the important 1s and 2s done first?
    • What are the benefits and payoffs for getting the important things done first?
    • A priority planning model everyone can use
    • Understanding the 2 kinds of priorities
    • How the Pareto Principle applies to change
    • How to set ACTION goals
    • Why organizing priorities will help transition through change
    • How to analyze a daily task list
    • Understanding “prime time”

    Tools to handle major obstacles and maintain efficiency in a changing workplace

    • How to handle interruptions
    • How to use the USA method
    • Taking ownership of the telephone
    • How to take advantage of technology to save time
    • Meetings, meetings, meetings—taking control!

    The personal side of change

    • How to increase risk-taking behavior and become more flexible
    • The characteristics of personal hardiness
    • Discovering the strategies to improve personal hardiness
    • Understanding the stages of adjustment following dramatic change
    • Identifying vulnerability to stress
    • Typical signs of excessive stress
    • How to cope with workplace anxiety
    • Uncovering the ways we mishandle anger and how to work through anger related to change
    • Understanding human needs and how to utilize that information when it comes to dealing with change