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In Closing the Sale, participants will learn...

  • How to leave an exceptional voice mail so customers will respond
  • Important considerations to keep in mind when asking questions
  • How to read customers’ buying signs
  • The “how-to’s” of the “add-on” offer, so customers won’t feel like they were supersized!
  • And much more!

Master sellers don’t use gimmicky techniques to close the sale. Nor do they feel rejected and give up when the customer says “no.” This seminar shows you, step by step, how to use the proven techniques of the pros to start upping your close ratio while becoming more comfortable and confident in your selling efforts. You’ll get expert advice on every stage of the closing process—from earning trust and showing empathy to confirming commitment, closing the sale and even up-selling/cross-selling. Strategy, attitude, tactics—everything you need to boost your closing results overnight is here.

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    The critical selling basics

    • Understand what you’re selling and why customers are buying
    • Earn client trust and build goodwill
    • Understand customer personality profiles and buying types
    • Selling skills survey—find out how good your selling skills really are
    • How to set and meet your call objectives
    • How to leave an exceptional voice mail so customers will respond
    • Learn how to “Earn the Right” to take the next step

    Fundamentals of active listening

    • Identify the characteristics of a good listener
    • Discover how good a listener you really are
    • Learn why good listeners make more sales
    • Use the 4 steps to active listening to improve your close ratio
    • Learn the skill of empathy to support your clients’ business issues
    • Understand common listening mistakes that cost you the relationship

    Advancing the sale

    • Learn important considerations to keep in mind when asking questions
    • Use the skill of strategic questioning to capture critical sales information
    • Follow the “hierarchy of questioning” to know when to ask each question
    • Learn the 10 communication hints that improve your overall selling skills
    • Know why it’s important to be aware of nonverbal communication
    • How to ask for and get to “the next step”

    Confirming commitment

    • Understand how tone of voice, attitude and body language signal key information
    • Learn what a trial action question is and when to use it
    • How to read customers’ buying signs
    • Effectively handle resistance and customer fears
    • Learn to lead the way for reluctant and indecisive buyers
    • Know what to do when your customer is buying price and you’re selling value: How to get them on board

    Closing the sale

    • Learn how to use the 5 keys to a smooth closing
    • Effectively handle resistance and prospect fear
    • Understand the 3 types of buying signals so you can respond and get the sale
    • How to move your customer forward into uncharted territory comfortably
    • Use powerful closing techniques that work
    • Learn how to turn a “no” into a “yes”

    Up-selling/Cross-selling secrets

    • Why they’ll buy more and why they’ll buy it from you now
    • The art of bundling
    • The hard part is over: Why up-selling/cross-selling is so much easier than making the initial sale
    • The “how-to’s” of the “add-on” offer, so customers won’t feel like they were supersized!
    • Keep them coming back and choosing you first