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In Workplace Safety and OSHA Compliance, participants will learn...

  • Ways to reduce common workplace accidents and eliminate accident-associated costs
  • Receive an update on the latest changes in OSHA regulations
  • Get checklists to assess OSHA compliance before inspections
  • Discover how to meet OSHA’s record-keeping requirements
  • Get proactive safety-audit tools designed to identify major hazards before someone is hurt
  • Find out how to bring written programs and training sessions up to OSHA standards

Organizations are always looking to reduce job-related injuries, protect employees from the growing threat of workplace violence, avoid costly fines and penalties and make work areas safer for employees. Get the critical training you need to stay fully compliant with OSHA’s complex regulations. After completing this one-day workshop featuring a comprehensive update on the latest changes in OSHA rules and guidelines, participants will have the tools needed to keep their workplace compliant.

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    OSHA compliance—from must-know basics to new regulations

    • Review and understand OSHA’s penalty system
    • Unscramble OSHA’s lexicon to define citation, violation, standards, guidelines, recognized hazard, serious physical harm and more
    • Assess your organization’s current level of compliance
    • Learn the top 10 OSHA violations
    • Understand the details of the lockout/tagout standard
    • Protect your organization by looking ahead

    Prevent common workplace hazards

    • Discover the safety violations most frequently cited by OSHA and how to prevent them
    • Determine the gray areas in OSHA’s Accident Prevention Guidelines that could cost your organization plenty
    • Prevent WMSDs: Now the No. 1 cause of lost workdays due to injuries
    • Understand why employees disregard safety rules
    • A workplace safety hazards checklist

    Effectively train your organization

    • Are OSHA’s Prevention and Control Programs and Seven-step Training Programs right for you?
    • Motivate reluctant learners

    Complying with OSHA’s record-keeping requirements

    • Discover the requirements for retention, maintenance and location of records
    • Learn the details of the 200 Log and the 101 Form

    Prepare for an OSHA site visit

    • Walk through the process so you’ll know what to expect
    • Discover the records most closely scrutinized by inspectors
    • Learn what you need to know about OSHA’s Program Evaluation Profile

    Workplace violence—Keep your organization safe from danger

    • Find out if your organization is likely to experience workplace violence
    • Discover organizational factors that contribute to workplace violence
    • Recognize who poses the greatest threat and commits violent acts
    • Learn indicators that an employee or prospective hire may be capable of violence
    • Get tips for de-escalating a potentially explosive situation