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In The Sales and Use Tax Program, participants will learn...

  • How to track down little-known exemptions and credits
  • Determine more easily which transactions are taxable
  • Ensure you’re not underpaying or overpaying sales and use taxes
  • Get up to date on the latest requirements that could impact your tax liability
  • Keep your company records audit-ready and avoid costly tax mistakes

You’ve studied everything you can get your hands on, and you’re still concerned. There just doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of current, understandable or usable information about sales and use taxes. That’s why this program is great for professionals who want to gain a better understanding of sales and use taxes to avoid legal problems, reduce accounting errors and ensure their organizations are meeting all their tax obligations. In one day, you’ll know how to help your company avoid a messy legal disaster.

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    Increase your knowledge of sales and use taxes

    • Expert insight into what sales and use taxes are and how they’re changing business
    • Definitions to be aware of if you want a better understanding of complicated legislation
    • How to take advantage of tax breaks—You may not realize how much you’re entitled to
    • What penalties you could face if state authorities don’t feel you’ve paid enough
    • What third-party delivery charges are and if you need to pay taxes on them
    • How to determine when a buyer becomes an owner

    Improve tax accuracy and efficiency and stay audit-ready

    • Services vs. tangible property: How your responsibilities change according to each one
    • How the mail order use tax could end up affecting your customers
    • Learn who has to pay the taxes on returns and trades
    • What circumstances could increase your tax liability
    • Changing legal obligations according to whether you are buying or selling
    • A valuable warehouse strategy that could make tax liability disappear
    • How to take the confusion out of applying for exemption certificates

    Troubleshoot enforcement and collection

    • How to deal with tax credits, refund opportunities and overpayments
    • When you must register as an out-of-state vendor or risk being in violation of the law
    • Tax procedures for handling and filing bad debts
    • The only situations where you will not have to pay a local sales tax
    • The trickiest areas of use tax returns and how to sidestep common pitfalls
    • How to avoid getting bogged down with invoices and steamroll through use tax collections
    • How the time you spend on the phone could be inflating your taxes

    Compliance with current laws

    • When a company’s advertising expenses become taxable
    • What changes you should make now to prevent costly legal mistakes
    • Valuable techniques to get and keep your company audit-ready
    • What type of mistakes you can be held personally accountable for
    • How to prepare for a judicial review so you won’t do more harm than good