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In OSHA Compliance Update, participants will learn...

  • Get up to date fast on OSHA’s latest changes
  • Gain cost-saving ergonomics solutions
  • Prevent common safety hazards that result in OSHA violations
  • Meet OSHA’s stringent record-keeping requirements in less time
  • Know where OSHA inspectors are most likely to look
  • Avoid huge fines by understanding compliance basics for blood-borne pathogens, HazCom, Emergency Action Plans (EAPs), site-specific training, and lockout/tagout

Keep current on OSHA’s ever-changing rules in this two-day outreach workshop, OSHA Compliance Update. In addition to learning must-know safety compliance information, you’ll also discover ways to prevent workplace violence in our special section. Keep your organization’s bottom line safe from OSHA fines. Protect your employees with the latest safety know-how and protect your organization with OSHA compliance strategies.

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    OSHA compliance basics—Your employer responsibilities and rights

    • Learn what OSHA is and why it exists
    • Find out how the General Duty Clause (GDC) affects the employer
    • Your organization’s responsibilities under OSHA and your rights
    • The new electronic filing option for employees to file complaints

    Prevent common hazards that result in safety violations

    • Safety violations frequently cited by OSHA and how to prevent them
    • Define OSHA’s Emergency Action Plan (EAP) and its key components
    • Know the mandatory elements your organization’s EAP must contain
    • Determine the gray areas in OSHA’s accident prevention guidelines that could cost your organization plenty

    Comply with OSHA’s stringent training requirements

    • Learn the new site-specific training requirements
    • The latest compliance directive for the powered industrial truck (forklift) operator standard

    Latest standards, rules, & proposals

    • What constitutes an OSHA recordable musculoskeletal disorder (MSD), which could require a full ergonomics program
    • Components of an Exposure Control Plan (ECP) that meets standards
    • Draft of the Proposed Safety and Health Program Rule and what it will mean to your organization
    • Transition to the Globally Harmonized System of Chemical Identification and Labeling (GHS)

    Be ready for a site inspection

    • Develop a Pre-inspection Contingency Plan
    • Get an insider’s look at the OSHA inspection process
    • Understand your rights when the compliance officer arrives unannounced at your door
    • Find out the places (and records) where inspectors are sure to look
    • Learn options if cited and know when to contest an OSHA citation
    • The Program Evaluation Profile (PEP) and how it’s scored

    Preventing workplace violence: OSHA guidelines for reducing risk

    • Find out if your organization is likely to experience workplace violence
    • Discover the organizational factors that contribute to workplace violence
    • Who poses the greatest threat and commits which types of violent acts
    • The 12 danger-prevention measures to implement that minimize or eliminate workplace violence