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In Managing Human Resources: An Intensive Two-day Workshop, participants will learn...

  • Provide sound business answers to supervisors and employees
  • Investigate employee complaints in a manner that instills trust
  • Lead performance management processes that enhance outcomes and avoid legal jeopardies
  • Address long-standing issues such as absenteeism, wage and hour classifications, and leave of absence confusion
  • Master administrative processes that minimize bureaucracy and address the needs of internal clients proactively

As an HR Professional, your organization relies on you as a key member of the team, making sure your organization’s supervisors and managers understand organizational policies and procedures, major laws and compliance mandates, and that they are applying them consistently.

This training makes your tough job easier and helps you be more successful! After attending this workshop, you’ll have practical tools, techniques, strategies and guidelines you can use immediately to handle your role with greater confidence.

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    The purpose and importance of human resources

    • Why HR is vital to every person in the organization
    • Understanding and aligning HR with the organization’s goals

    Recruiting, interviewing and hiring

    • Fair, legal hiring practices and the importance of strategic staffing
    • Create and administer hard copy and on-line job applications

    Employee benefits administration and communication

    • Creating a strategic benefits administration plan
    • Your new health insurance obligations under the law

    Federal laws, discrimination and compliance

    • Know the laws and what they cover: FMLA, HIPAA, ADA, ADEA, COBRA, EPA, ERISA, FLSA, PDA and Title VII
    • FLSA issues for employees who use technology to work off-site

    Handle special issues and situations

    • What to do when employees are called to military service and active duty
    • The ins and outs of garnishments

    Working with your organization’s managers and staff

    • HR’s role in supporting managers and supervisors
    • Understand the high cost of turnover and how to minimize it
    • Do you really need to have an employee handbook? Yes, and we’ll explain why!

    Records retention, management and destruction

    • What records do you need to keep and for how long?
    • Managing electronic documents and paper records

    Managing vendors and suppliers

    • What should you outsource?
    • How to make vendors your strategic partners

    Career management: HR and the C-Suite

    • Proving HR’s contribution to the bottom line