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In Essentials of Credibility, Composure and Confidence, participants will learn...

  • Avoid the #1 reason so many talented, energetic people fall short of their goals
  • Maintain composure and self-confidence in the midst of hardships
  • Identify and overcome self-imposed barriers and limits
  • Develop and convey a powerful and positive self-image
  • Conquer the big 4 confidence destroyers–-anxiety, depression, guilt and anger

Poised, confident employees make a difference in the enthusiasm and creativity they bring to their jobs, in handling difficult people and adverse situations, in building strong, positive relationships with co-workers and supervisors … and, most of all, in achieving success.

This training program creates a win-win situation for both your employees and your organization. Your employees will gain valuable insight into the techniques for building self-esteem and self-confidence. Your organization will profit by developing top-performance professionals who tackle projects and problems with more energy and enthusiasm.

Send your employees on an exciting journey of self-discovery and empowerment!

Who will benefit from this training

Any professional who wants to achieve greater career-related success and personal fulfillment

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    Clearing the way for success and achievement

    • How to avoid the #1 reason so many talented, energetic people fall short of their goals
    • Understanding how professional success and personal happiness are directly linked to self-confidence
    • How to find and maintain empowering relationships at work and in personal life
    • How to maintain composure and self-confidence in the midst of hardships
    • How to control the influence of negative and difficult people
    • How to stay positive
    • How to protect self-esteem
    • Recognizing how a present system of beliefs is affecting self-concept

    Taking control

    • How to ask for a positive stroke
    • How fear can be limiting
    • Quick self-esteem pick-me-ups to use when feeling down
    • How to conquer the big 4 confidence destroyers—anxiety, depression, guilt and anger
    • Which criticism to learn from and which criticism to ignore
    • How to defeat the 6 most treacherous outside threats to self-confidence
    • How to maintain a sense of high self-confidence
    • How to mourn “losses” and be stronger for it

    Defining just who you really are

    • Self-acceptance: The greatest gift of all
    • The importance of being authentically you—9 basic questions to ask yourself
    • What is intuition and how to learn from it
    • How to identify and overcome self-imposed barriers and limits
    • A 21-point self-confidence profile to determine typical responses to everyday situations
    • Liberation from guilt

    Communicating with confidence

    • How to make sure verbal and nonverbal communication portray high self-esteem and confidence
    • How to take advantage of natural communication strengths
    • Recognizing unconscious cues that indicate weakness
    • How to make a positive, professional impression at meetings

    How to harness the power of a positive image

    • 5 specific ways to project an image of self-confidence and assertiveness without seeming “pushy”
    • How to be a publicist so that contributions are recognized
    • How to remain calm and confident in demanding situations such as presentations, performance reviews and important meetings
    • How to use specific techniques for turning negative self-talk into positive self-affirmations

    Remembering to be good to yourself

    • How to find the joy in a job
    • How to use quick, proven techniques for maintaining a high energy level throughout the day
    • Coping strategies for preventing burnout—recognizing the early warning signals
    • How to relieve the biggest stressors professional people face today