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In Microsoft® Word 2007 Basic, participants will learn...

  • The essential elements of Word, including what’s new in 2007
  • How to customize Word and unique needs
  • Power tips on formatting, graphics and tables
  • How to integrate Word with other Office applications

Microsoft Word comes feature-loaded with enhanced tools to generate professionally rendered business documents. In this training course, participants will discover built-in shortcuts for taking advantage of the Ribbon User interface, the table drawing tools, upgraded text options, AutoShapes and many more new and exciting features that will get them up and running quickly and easily.

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    Getting started with Word essentials

    • How to pick the right installation options—and get rid of those that eat up hard drive space
    • What’s new in Word 2007
    • How to customize Word using Word Options
    • How to customize the Quick Access toolbar and the Status toolbar
    • How to create and save a new document and set up a document’s pages
    • How to activate the AutoCorrect feature—it’ll find and fix typos
    • How to avoid embarrassing mistakes—and set up custom spelling and grammar options

    Working with documents

    • How to work with older documents that used versioning
    • How to save Word documents in text only, HTML or PDF
    • Ensuring document integrity and keeping unwanted users away—it’s easy with the Protect Document feature
    • In a hurry to compare and contrast two different documents?
    • Forget about cut and paste … there’s a faster way to merge two documents

    Formatting, graphics, tables and more

    • Power tips! Arrange text in columns, tables and outlines … number pages … add and edit headers and footers
    • 12 easy-to-implement ways to transform a document from drab to dynamic
    • How to modify a document’s style and eliminate formatting headaches—plus get text to automatically reformat
    • Need an eye-catching graphic or special effect to spice up a document? Find plenty in Clip Gallery, AutoShapes, Word Art and other tools
    • Incredibly simple methods to draw and format tables … create documents with floating tables … and polish work with “wrapped” text
    • How to quickly add a border to a page, around text—even within a paragraph

    Publishing professional-looking documents with Word

    • Cool ways to create stunning layouts with italics, boldface, indents, tabs and line spacing
    • Shifting creativity into high gear with these desktop publishing tricks
    • Guidelines for using bullets and numbering for reader friendly publications
    • All the advantages of using the Text Box feature—plus Text Box formatting options that really expand this tool’s functionality
    • How to create stunning 3-D, shadowed and textured text and graphics—all with Word’s sophisticated drawing and multimedia tools

    Integrating Word with other Office applications

    • The important distinction between linking and embedding … know when and how to use each
    • Mail Merge made easy: How to produce customized letters, mailing labels and volumes of envelopes—no hassle, no sweat
    • Tips on how to exchange information between Word and PowerPoint® to create punchy handouts
    • How to incorporate a Word document into an Access® database and use the Link feature to automatically update the database with any changes

    Maximizing Word’s advanced and Web-ready features

    • How to view newly created Web pages—without even going on-line
    • What happened to the Web toolbar?
    • Adding and removing frames on Web pages using Word as a handy Web page editor
    • Are there tasks performed repeatedly? Build macros within Word and automate them … no matter how complex they are
    • Tips for adding automated fields to a Word document