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In Microsoft® PowerPoint® 2010 Basic, participants will learn...

  • Discover how to “punch up” presentations with clip art and animations
  • Outline how to use the Custom Animation task pane for sound
  • Understand how to add video and use animated images
  • Appropriately add your own voice to a presentation
  • Use miscellaneous tools with PowerPoint® 2010

Great PowerPoint® presentations may seem effortless, but a lot of skill goes into one that’s well-planned, constructed, designed and executed.

In this course, you’ll start with planning your objectives, setting up a storyboard and then walking through the features that are available to enhance your speaking points and make a lasting good impression on your audience.

You’ll learn how to set up an interactive PowerPoint® with animation triggers, how to deliver your presentation in “presenter” view and how to collaborate with others on-line to develop your presentation and more.

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    PowerPoint startup

    • Define your presentation objectives
    • Engagement strategies

    Creating, editing and organizing slides

    • How to use slide masters
    • Sectioning with PowerPoint®
    • How to use PowerPoint® as a storyboard
    • Create a custom show for a variety of audiences using one presentation

    Designing and formatting your slides

    • Improve visual appeal using SmartArt™ graphics with text
    • Create fill-in effects using scanned images
    • Inserting charts

    Multimedia and special effects

    • How to use animation, sounds and videos
    • How to narrate your presentation directly from the slide show tab
    • Connecting to other Office applications and the Web

    Going live with your presentation

    • Setting up timing for slide transitions
    • Printing considerations for presentation slides or handouts
    • Publishing to the Web