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In Microsoft® PowerPoint® 2007 Basic, participants will learn...

  • The tricks for using graphics to present technical material in easy-to-absorb pieces
  • Ways to enhance productivity using ribbons in PowerPoint
  • How to avoid embarrassing design and layout blunders
  • How to capitalize on PowerPoint’s presentation flexibility—present to several audiences simultaneously, set up a presentation to be self-running or publish it over the Internet

This training course is full of ways to push PowerPoint to its multimedia limits and to dazzle audiences with a push of a button.

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    PowerPoint startup

    • Learn to create impressive presentations using templates as a ready-made starting point
    • Check out the items that are found when clicking the Microsoft Office Button
    • Explore essential PowerPoint screen elements and the differences among the ribbons
    • Find the quickest route to saving, printing and opening presentations by using shortcut keys
    • Discover the 4 PowerPoint screen views—and how to change them on the fly
    • Printing basics: How to print slides, handouts and slide outlines
    • Personalize tools by adding items to the Quick Access Toolbar

    Creating, editing and organizing slides

    • How to create, edit, place and adjust text boxes
    • How to select, cut, copy and paste slides
    • The steps for creating the perfect Slide Master in order to create multiple slides quickly
    • Using text alignments to create a professional edge in presentation slides
    • How to group and ungroup objects so graphic elements are picture-perfect
    • Flexibility on the fly: Simple techniques for changing the order of slides and hiding and deleting slides
    • Say goodbye to word and graphics clutter—how to use the Duplicate Selected Slides command to break up crowded slides
    • How to add new slides to an existing presentation
    • Punch up visual appeal using SmartArt® graphics with text and charts in a presentation
    • How to use an existing presentation to create a different show for a variety of audiences

    Designing and formatting slides

    • How to use Apply Design to create a perfect master slide
    • How to move a mouse over slide colors, backgrounds and formats and immediately see the effects of the changes using Live Preview
    • How to use bullets, headings, columns and other layout techniques to increase the effectiveness of a presentation
    • How to rotate and resize objects, crop photos and change the color and weight of lines and borders
    • How to create fill effects using scanned images in SmartArt Tools in the Format tab
    • Master the basics of graphics image editing, including cropping, resizing and bordering
    • How to format a presentation for widescreen viewing

    Multimedia and special effects

    • Discover how to punch up a presentation with clip art and animation
    • How to use the Custom Animation task pane to set the play options for sound in a presentation
    • Narrate a presentation directly from the Slide Show tab in PowerPoint
    • Learn to use the Windows® Sound Recorder to create customized sound effects
    • How to add video that’s included on the Office disk
    • How to use animated images more effectively
    • Do’s and don’ts for adding voice to a presentation
    • How to set timing in the Animation tab so that graphics appear when they’re supposed to during a presentation
    • How to use Animation Settings to create dissolve effects for graphics
    • A quick tour of the more than 50 animation settings PowerPoint puts at the user’s disposal and how to preview them without making the actual change

    Connecting to other Office applications and the Web

    • How to make links to live Web pages while connected to the Internet
    • A step-by-step guide for creating hyperlinks between Word and Excel
    • Learn how to dynamically embed an Excel graphic in a PowerPoint files so that monthly presentations always contain the most up-to-date data
    • Discover how to import information stored on a local intranet
    • Learn how to use a system’s cache to access Web pages when an Internet connection isn’t possible

    Going live with a presentation

    • Discover the steps for setting up a timed presentation
    • Uncover the various methods for transitioning between slides—without even clicking the mouse
    • Find out how to get the best results from presentations using the Slide Show Resolution setting right from the Slide Show tab when presenting using a projector
    • How to add page numbers, headers and footers to printed slides
    • How to publish a presentation on the Web
    • How to print a presentation, notes and handouts
    • How to publish a presentation to a PDF file using a Microsoft add-in
    • PowerPoint’s suitcase: How to save a presentation with the Publish for CD feature
    • Changing the order of slides on the fly