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In Microsoft® Outlook® 2010 Basic, participants will learn...

  • How to compose and send a simple message
  • The right way to attach a file to your message
  • What it takes to assign a category to an appointment
  • Quick methods for editing a contact

This Microsoft Outlook 2010 training course will cover the essential features today’s business professionals use and love the most—features that’ll simplify their life. In this training course, they’ll be treated to a tour of the key features of this popular program and the in’s and out’s of composing messages, managing mail, scheduling appointments and meetings, managing contacts and tasks and using notes. This fun and eye-opening session is packed with tips and shortcuts for making the best use of this popular application.

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    Getting started with Outlook

    • What you’ll need to know to log on to Outlook
    • Understanding the Outlook environment
    • How to compose and send a simple message
    • How to quickly open a message
    • Discover the right way to reply to a message
    • What you need to know about printing messages
    • What it really takes to completely delete a message

    Composing messages

    • Quick techniques for addressing a message
    • How to format a message and give it a different look and feel from the default
    • Find out how to take advantage of the Spelling and Grammar checker tool
    • The right way to attach a file to your message
    • How to forward a message

    Managing mail

    • Simple steps for opening and saving an attachment
    • How to flag a message and why you would want to
    • How to create a folder and set the type of information that will go into the folder
    • Quick ways to move messages to a folder
    • How to copy messages to a folder or multiple folders
    • What you’ll need to know to delete a folder

    Scheduling appointments

    • Understanding the Outlook Calendar
    • How to quickly schedule an appointment
    • What it takes to assign a category to an appointment
    • How to easily update Calendar entries

    Scheduling meetings

    • How to schedule a meeting with multiple attendees
    • The options you’ll need to understand when replying to a meeting request
    • How to propose a new meeting time when you have a conflicting appointment
    • Discover how to track meeting responses
    • How to update a meeting request
    • The right way to cancel a meeting request
    • Step-by-step procedures for printing the Calendar

    Managing contacts

    • How to add a contact
    • Uncover the techniques for sorting contacts
    • Simple ways to find a contact
    • How to generate a map
    • Quick methods for editing a contact
    • How to delete a contact
    • Step-by-step procedures for printing contact information

    Managing tasks

    • How to create a task with a few simple clicks
    • How to edit a task
    • Simple ways to update a task

    Using notes

    • The quick steps to create a note
    • How to edit a note
    • The right way to copy a note