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In Microsoft® Outlook® 2007 Advanced, participants will learn...

  • The right way to set work days and times
  • Tips and tricks for modifying message formats
  • Quick techniques to find messages
  • What Public Folders are and how to use them

Even if your employees are already familiar with many of Microsoft Outlook’s time-saving features, we’ll help them dig in and uncover even more with our Microsoft Outlook 2007 Advanced training course. Here’s their chance to work smarter by learning how to track work activities and set Calendar and message options. They’ll find out how much easier it is to perform everyday duties faster when they know how to manage tasks, share folder information and locate Outlook items. We’ll even show them how to customize Outlook and turn it into their own personal information manager.

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    Tracking work activities using the Journal

    • How to automatically record a Journal entry
    • Step-by-step instructions for manually recording a Journal entry
    • A technique for modifying a Journal entry

    Setting Calendar options

    • The right way to set work days and times
    • How to display other time zones
    • Why and how to set free/busy options

    Setting message options

    • Where to go to modify message settings
    • How to modify delivery options
    • Tips and tricks for modifying message formats
    • Out of office agent
    • How to create and modify a distribution list
    • A quick technique for inserting a hyperlink

    Sharing folder information

    • How to specify folder permissions
    • Discover how to access another user’s folder
    • How to delegate access to folders

    Managing tasks

    • How to assign a task to another person within the company
    • How to quickly reply to a task request
    • A quick way to send a task update
    • The right way to track assigned tasks

    Customizing Outlook

    • Take control of Outlook by customizing the toolbar
    • How to create a new toolbar
    • Techniques to customize the menu
    • How to create a folder home page

    Locating Outlook items

    • The simple way to sort messages using multiple criteria
    • Quick techniques to find messages
    • How to find messages using multiple criteria
    • How to find the information fast by filtering messages
    • Tips to organize messages
    • Grouping messages
    • Get a handle on junk e-mail
    • What Public Folders are and how to use them