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In Mentoring Skills for Leaders, participants will learn...

  • What a mentor is and the differences between coaching and mentoring
  • What to offer as a mentor
  • How to set expectations and boundaries for a mentoring program
  • How to correctly match mentors with mentees
  • The most common reasons mentoring programs fail and how to fix them
  • How to build a successful mentoring program

Some might say great leaders are born leaders, but the majority of leaders have worked hard to learn the leadership skills that truly empower them. One of the most effective methods of developing leadership skills is through a successful mentoring program. During this empowering training course, your organization will learn the value of mentoring and how it can strengthen leaders. When a mentoring program is implemented, it needs to be done effectively. This enlightening program will provide the insight and tools to create and/or enhance your organization’s mentoring program.

Who will benefit from this training

Organizations looking for the tools and knowledge to create and maintain a successful mentoring program.
If your organization already has a mentoring program, this training course will teach you how to improve it.
If your organization is just developing a mentoring program, you’ll discover the tools necessary to create an effective one.

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    What is Mentoring?

    • What mentoring should and shouldn’t be
    • Understanding the 2 different types of mentoring
    • The difference between coaching and mentoring
    • Why a company should support a mentoring program
    • 6 common reasons why mentoring fails
    • The role diversity should play in a mentoring program
    • Why it’s vitally important to set expectations and boundaries for a mentoring program
    • The 10 most important expectations and boundaries
    • Why even mentors need mentors

    The Mentor

    • The characteristics of excellent mentors
    • The benefits and risks of being a mentor
    • Discovering what can be offered as a mentor
    • How to create a vision for mentoring relationships

    Managing mentoring problems

    • Special considerations when mentoring from afar
    • The 5 top factors that can lead to the decline or premature closure of the mentor relationship
    • The 5 stages of a mentor relationship
    • How to fix a damaged mentor relationship
    • The 4 keys of closure
    • The 5 steps to giving meaningful criticism
    • Why hearing and listening aren’t the same

    How to build a mentoring program

    • The 6 most important things a mentee should be willing to do in order to make the mentoring relationship work
    • How to properly match up mentors with mentees
    • Understanding what a mentee needs in a mentoring relationship
    • How to identify possible mentor candidates
    • How to properly evaluate a mentoring program
    • Understanding organizational culture and how it can be passed on to new generations via a mentoring program
    • The 10 key steps to successful mentoring