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In How to Negotiate With Vendors and Suppliers, participants will learn...

  • Essentials elements of buyer-seller negotiations
  • Preparation: The single most important key to buying success
  • How to establish negotiation goals and determine the bottom line
  • How to listen, THEN speak: Critical skills for clear negotiation communication
  • Common haggling tactics and how to handle them
  • How to overcome universal buyer-seller bargaining obstacles
  • Negotiating tops to use with long-term vendors and suppliers

This training course delivers the essence of negotiating in one power-packed day. From what’s really happening when two parties come together to how to look out for an organization’s interests … from what to say and how to say it to what’s better left unspoken … this training delivers. Whether your employees are natural-born deal-makers or not, this training course has something to offer everyone involved in negotiations.

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    Understanding the essential elements of buyer-seller negotiations

    • Recognize what negotiating is and what it isn’t
    • The 3 crucial components of every negotiation
    • 8 qualities shared by every long-term and well-respected buyer
    • The danger of adopting and defending a bargaining position
    • Identifying and exploring options for better negotiations
    • 6 tools found in every Master Negotiator’s toolbox
    • The pros and cons of win-lose vs. win-win thinking
    • 5 common collaboration hurdles … and how to clear them with ease

    Preparation: The single most important key to buying success

    • Setting the cornerstone for every successful negotiation
    • How to prepare for a purchase or establishing a contract
    • Proven ways to pinpoint the real value of anything
    • Why it’s vital to learn everything about a bargaining partner
    • 5 unexpected ways to power-up negotiating
    • Stick to the script … settle nerves by shaping the bargain in advance
    • 6 sure-fire steps to making a buying decision

    How to establish negotiation goals and determine a bottom line

    • Establish bargaining boundaries … and what happens they don’t exist
    • How to separate buying-selling interests from buying-selling positions
    • Proven practices for determining a bottom-line stance
    • Tips for pinpointing exactly what’s needed from a deal … it may not be what’s expected
    • Take a walk: Why dropping a deal could bring a better one closer
    • No, no and no again: How one little word can get a “yes”

    Listen, THEN speak: Critical skills for clear negotiation communication

    • The 2-ears-and-1-mouth theory of all successful negotiators
    • The power of the question
    • 8 exercises to be a better communicator
    • How to guarantee that what you say is what they’ll hear
    • 3 phrases to never use in negotiating (and their various versions)
    • Ring ’em: The best rules to remember when buying by telephone
    • Silence is golden … how it can make for golden deals
    • 7 more tips for strong bargaining communications

    Common haggling tactics and how to handle them

    • Quick ways to get past stonewalling tactics
    • ”Let’s split the difference” … how to keep those common words from killing a budget
    • How to remain flexible in the face of the “Sudden Changer”
    • What to do with the “Done Dealer”
    • Pulling “Mr. Diversionary Tactic” up short
    • How to score without playing the high-low game
    • The Big Lie: What to do in the face of obvious misinformation
    • Dealing with “good vendor/bad vendor” tag team tactics
    • The Fresh Air Approach: Getting a vendor’s dirty tricks and tactics out in the open

    Overcoming those universal buyer-seller bargaining obstacles

    • BATNA: What it is and why one is needed
    • World economy means worldwide negotiators … how to survive and thrive with them
    • Why focusing on the bottom line is rarely the top strategy
    • 7 blunders that will block bargaining efforts—and how to avoid them
    • Time out: When to step back for a bargaining breather
    • Hot footprints: How to react when a vendor heads for the door
    • What every salesperson knows about overcoming objections
    • The deadly deadlock: Breathing new life into standstill negotiations
    • 6 keys that reopen deals with difficult suppliers

    Negotiating tips to use with long-term vendors and suppliers

    • How to agree to disagree … without undermining a relationship
    • Keeping the focus on supplier ties instead of buyer wins
    • 5 tips for repetitive buying negotiations
    • How to handle a contracts before becoming a buyer
    • 17 tactics customized for long-term buyer-seller relationships
    • First bond, then bargain: Setting the stage for continuing contact
    • A.S.I.—Always Seek Improvement … a 25-point checklist to evaluate every negotiation
    • Fumbled an important purchase? 15 ways to get the ball moving again
    • Bridge-building to get vendors
    • One-shot deals: How to change a strategy for those occasional short-term negotiations