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In FMLA Compliance Update, participants will learn...

  • Discover how to protect your organization from employee lawsuits
  • What to do and say to stay compliant
  • Identify the important aspects of FMLA in a simplified, user-friendly format
  • Discover answers to the most common FMLA questions
  • Discuss strategies for making your workplace employee-friendly

Don’t let your organization be caught off guard—make sure you and your organization are compliant with the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) with this comprehensive course.

Participants will learn how to avoid the most common mistakes regarding administering FMLA leave, along with proven tips and guidelines for updating your company’s policies, practices and procedures.

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    Debunk common misconceptions

    • Identify and avoid the top mistakes made with FMLA
    • How FMLA relates to state and federal discrimination laws
    • Discover the special rules for specific employee groups
    • Learn to accurately determine who is an eligible employee

    Know your company’s rights

    • A “serious health condition” and what the courts say about it
    • Learn the difference between a rolling year, leave year and 12-month period under FMLA
    • Court decisions about the expanded rights for unmarried domestic partners
    • Medical certifications your employees must provide to protect your rights as an employer
    • Relationship-focused actions to take if an employee fails to satisfy certification requirements

    The relationship between FMLA, ADA and workers’ compensation

    • Identify where the law overlaps and which one takes precedence
    • Why the EEOC definition of “reasonable accommodation” may conflict with the ADA-FMLA-workers’ comp triangle
    • Bring an employee back to work and comply with ADA, FMLA and workers’ compensation without violating rights

    Crossing your FMLA T’s and dotting your I’s

    • How to correctly figure paid and unpaid leave
    • How FLSA’s pay docking policy affects your employees
    • Keeping track of the accrual of employee benefits during leave time
    • Health benefits and FMLA leave (COBRA, ERISA, etc.)
    • When you can be held personally liable for FMLA violations

    Maintain total FMLA compliance

    • What you need to do when forced to terminate an employee on leave
    • How to reinstate employees on leave and the exemption for highly compensated employees
    • What exactly constitutes an “equivalent position” under FMLA
    • What you can legally do when your employee fails to return from leave

    FMLA and intermittent leave

    • FMLA leave types: Continuous, reduced-schedule, intermittent
    • Tracking and documenting intermittent leave under FMLA
    • Rolling 12 weeks—not annual 12 weeks: The parameters under FMLA