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In Essentials of Excellent Customer Service, participants will learn...

  • How to make every customer feel important
  • How to avoid the mistakes that cause most customer conflicts
  • How to handle angry customers with diplomacy and tact, and how to keep from being intimidated by rude, abrasive customers and how to turn unhappy customers into repeat customers
  • How to master the subtle communication techniques that make the difference between a positive customer relationship and a tense one, including specific words and phrases to use and which ones to avoid
  • How to project a professional, friendly image both in face-to-face customer service situations and on the telephone
  • How to work as part of a customer team—serving the internal customer in order to better serve the external customer
  • How to manage several customers who require attention at the same time
  • How to handles the five most-common customer complaints

Did you know that more than 90‰ of customers who are unhappy with the service they receive will never buy from you again? Worse yet, research reveals that more than 95‰ of unhappy customers never even tell you they were displeased with the treatment they received—so you don’t get a second chance to correct your mistakes.

Don’t wait until your company has lost customers to begin making customer service a priority. When you schedule this valuable on-site training course for your organization, your employees will learn practical, hands-on techniques for living out quality customer service every day. After all, achieving customer service excellence is an ongoing process that requires ongoing commitment.

Whether your employees deal with customers face to face or on the telephone, SkillPath’s team of experts will custom-tailor a training course that meets your organization’s specific customer service situation—and your employees will begin benefiting immediately from the latest (and best) customer service techniques.

Who will benefit from this training

Customer service representatives
Customer service and sales managers
Sales professionals
Business owners
General managers
Anyone in your organization who needs to know how to turn customer satisfaction into bottom-line results

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    Building customer rapport and good will

    • Which “people skills” make a difference for customer service and public contact pros
    • How to make every customer feel important
    • How to use words that trigger positive, good feelings
    • What customers really want—the 3 ingredients for making customers happy
    • How to determine if your company has “customer friendly” policies and procedures
    • How to measure the customers’ level of satisfaction with the service
    • How to use a customer’s name—and how to avoid overdoing it
    • What words and actions signal a “ready to help” attitude that makes customers feel good

    Handling problems and complaints

    • How to spot opportunities for turning complaining customers into lifetime customers
    • Recognizing the root sources of most misunderstandings and customer conflicts
    • How to explain company policy in a way that won’t put customers on the defensive
    • How to repair a damaged customer relationship
    • The 5 principal reasons customers complain and how to handle each one
    • How to remain calm with a difficult customer
    • How to say “no” without arousing resentment

    How to communicate with customers

    • What specific words and phrases make customers trust
    • How to avoid the words that trigger negative, unhappy reactions
    • How to get the information needed from telephone callers without offending the caller
    • How to avoid the 9 most common listening mistakes people make on the telephone
    • How to handle overly talkative customers without hurting their feelings
    • How to deal with customers who aren’t fluent in English
    • How you say it is just as important as what you say—how to hear yourself as others hear you

    Dealing with difficult customers

    • How to deal with unhappy, irrational, angry and upset customers
    • How to keep from being intimidated by overbearing customers
    • How to handle feelings of angry when dealing with a difficult customer
    • What to do when a customer questions authority
    • How to deal with ultra-difficult customers
    • How to deal with personal verbal attacks
    • How to handle someone who’s rude and abusive

    Projecting a professional image

    • How to stay energized, motivated and positive
    • How to evaluate a telephone image
    • How to make an immediate good first impression
    • How to sound polished, positive and professional on the telephone
    • How to look good and sound wonderful even when feeling awful
    • How to make a voice sound as friendly as a smile

    How to be a customer service superstar

    • How to be a catalyst for building teamwork, cooperation and support with associates
    • How to work well with the other departments
    • How to increase sales and profitability through good customer service
    • What customer service people need most from their managers
    • How to handle it when several customers want attention at the same time
    • How to wind up every customer transaction on a positive note