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In Effective Teamwork Strategies, participants will learn...

  • What a team is and the developmental stages of teams
  • The role that personality types play in how a team functions
  • How to work collaboratively with team members and team leaders
  • The critical communication techniques used by effective teams
  • How to resolve conflict and stabilize others on the team during a conflict

Teamwork is essential in today’s business world. It’s an important ingredient of successful organizations, and for that reason, it’s important for everyone to work successfully with one another.

Effective teamwork doesn’t just happen-it takes good problem-solving, decision-making, communication and interpersonal skills. This course teaches team members how to be more confident and work as a part of a highly productive team. This course provides the techniques and strategies for crystal-clear communication, effective problem solving and high-quality teamwork.

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    The essentials of teamwork

    • The differences between a work group and a true team
    • Characteristics of good teamwork—How does your team measure up?
    • Why teams achieve better results than groups
    • Team chemistry Personality and interpersonal styles that lead to collaboration and also to conflict
    • Stages of team development
    • Debunk the common myths about teamwork
    • Important elements to consider when developing trust and respect

    Enhance teamwork with better communication

    • Discover the three components to effective communication
    • The communication pitfalls that can cause teamwork to fall apart
    • Discuss the right way to give and receive feedback
    • Decode unclear or mixed messages
    • Benefits of asking good questions and types of questions to avoid

    Conflict management skills

    • Causes of team conflict and warning signs that conflict might be brewing in your team
    • Recognize difficult co-workers and the predictable factors that go with them
    • The right and wrong ways people react to team conflict and how it escalates
    • When conflict is a good thing
    • Practice proven steps to resolve team conflict
    • Choosing your battles: What do you have the power to change?

    Shared problem solving and decision making

    • Primary problem-solving and decision-making styles most teams utilize and the pros and cons of each
    • What keeps teams from solving problems together?
    • What to do when your team wants to compromise instead of working through problems
    • Using the brainstorming technique to encourage the free exchange of ideas and solutions