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In Conducting Employee Performance Evaluations, participants will learn...

  • Identify the elements of a good performance appraisal
  • Effectively prepare for a performance appraisal
  • Conduct an effective and complete performance appraisal
  • Understand the potential legal ramifications that surround performance evaluations
  • Provide feedback to improve performance
  • Offer appropriate growth opportunities to employees
  • Use constructive language and listening skills during performance evaluations
  • Know when to engage human resources assistance
  • Understand elements of 360-degree evaluations

Attend this powerful one-day course where you’ll gain the insight needed to conduct more thorough, more legally sound employee evaluations with less stress than ever before.

After completing this comprehensive day of performance evaluation training, supervisors will develop the skills they need to avoid bad feelings, crushed egos and even lawsuits when they conduct evaluations. Develop an effective evaluation plan—complete with guidelines, goals and timetables—that will make your expectations crystal clear.

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    Understand your role during the review process

    • Find out why employees really fear reviews—startling new facts every manager must know
    • Recognize five review pitfalls that can surprise even the pros, and learn how to prevent them
    • Learn to sidestep the four most common stressors faced by managers when evaluating employees
    • Know the two critical steps you must take when planning the performance review
    • Understand the five things employees expect from you during an evaluation

    Appraise employees fairly and accurately

    • Know what to do if an employee disagrees with your evaluation
    • Learn to stay objective when evaluating an employee you just don’t like
    • Obtain a three-point plan for evaluating any employee fairly
    • Take important precautions when evaluating an employee who’s also a friend
    • Recognize if you’re overlooking a favored employee’s flaws
    • Protect yourself now against courtroom battles
    • Use the “Upward Appraisal” technique to increase productivity
    • Understand how the increase in 360 degree feedback affects the evaluation process up and down the corporate ladder
    • Know in advance what an employee’s reaction will be—and how to prepare for it

    Improve employee performance

    • Use performance reviews to encourage improved employee performance
    • Criticize without crushing your employees
    • Learn feedback that will motivate even your highest performers
    • Develop your highest-potential employees
    • Know what to do about an employee in need of an attitude adjustment
    • Find out the secret to beefing up an average performance
    • Handle an employee who brings up sensitive or personal issues during a formal review

    Manage employee performance all year long: easy strategies and techniques

    • Give effective performance feedback in just a few minutes a month
    • Implement goal-setting techniques that will support your organization’s long-term goals
    • Use coaching and feedback guidelines for immediate improvement
    • Understand the reasons why employees have weak performance
    • Create an environment where employees can succeed
    • Learn three types of feedback that will motivate superstars to accomplish even more

    Understand the legal side of performance reviews

    • Understand what documents you must keep and for how long
    • Know the words and phrases that could land you in hot water
    • Look at where you’re most vulnerable for a lawsuit during the review process
    • Set up a review that will hold up in court