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In Delegation Skills for All Levels, participants will learn...

  • Understand the importance of delegation in supporting employee development
  • Use innovative delegation techniques that support your role
  • Use delegation effectively to increase productivity
  • Delegate wisely when in a time management crisis

Studies indicate that most people say they mean to delegate, and they know they need to, but they simply don’t understand how to do so effectively. Furthermore, they don’t understand the role delegation plays in effective time management. When time is not well managed, productivity drops.

Regardless of your role, there will be times when you will be asked to delegate … or times when you want or need to delegate. How well you are able to do this will have a dramatic impact on the successful completion of the task as well as on you and the person(s) to whom you assign the task.

In this program, you will learn how to delegate more effectively in order to improve your time management, communicate effectively, develop yourself and others, deliver results, achieve high performance and efficiently plan and execute work.

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    When should you delegate?

    • Why aren’t you delegating?
    • Understand what tasks are appropriate to delegate and what tasks are not
    • Assess your ability to delegate
    • Discover innovative ways to delegate successfully

    Understanding the art of delegation

    • Delegation is a critical tool for everyone to practice
    • Why people do not delegate and why that needs to change
    • The most common problems people encounter when delegating and how to break through them
    • The skills needed to become a successful delegator
    • Practice ruthless prioritization
    • The difference between goal-related tasks and routine tasks
    • Can delegation be effective without trust?

    Empowerment by delegation

    • Empowerment builds trust
    • Discover the core dimensions of empowerment
    • Empowering others through effective delegation
    • Understand how to assign tasks without losing control, feeling guilty or changing your mind
    • Recognize and tactfully deal with reverse delegation
    • Use the skill of praising to encourage others
    • How to avoid the “do-it-myself” syndrome and learn to share the work
    • Crunch management tips when you are in a time crisis

    Delegation from the leader’s perspective

    • Learn how to delegate the right jobs to the right people
    • Managing performance with delegation
    • How to follow up once you have delegated a task