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In How to Deal With Difficult People, participants will learn...

  • How to recognize and deal with each of the 9 most difficult personality types
  • How to know which difficult behavior is temporary and which is chronic … and how to respond to each
  • How to control anxieties and fears while confronting difficult people
  • How to stop tyrants and micromanagers in their tracks

This powerful training course will teach your employees to understand difficult personalities and equip them with savvy strategies to gain the control of situations and deal with poor behavior so that the repetitive patterns finally cease. Your employees will never again be defenseless when facing the intimidating and impossible behavior of others.

Who will benefit from this training

Any employee within an organization

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    How to raise awareness and understand difficult behavior

    • What makes people like this? An overview of difficult thoughts and actions
    • How to tell the difference between the temporarily and the chronically difficult
    • The 75 difficult types—and the 9 most common
    • Power issues … and the need for any kind of control
    • Insecurity: Obvious and not-so-obvious implications of this major cause of difficult behavior
    • What makes ’em tick? 13 more reasons why they act the way they do
    • 3 monumental misunderstandings about difficult people
    • From the ground up … foundations of difficult behavior

    Your turn: How to examine your own reaction to others’ behavior

    • Internal drive: What’s that tape playing inside your head?
    • Attitude check … a list to help find out if it’s you, not “them”
    • Image maker: How to recognize yourself in difficult people’s behavior
    • Chart your path to greater self-understanding about difficult situations
    • Worrying your way into recurring difficult confrontations
    • Missing the boat: How to distinguish between self-denial and self-protection
    • The rule of results: What happens + Your reaction = What you get
    • Rose- or other-colored glasses … recognizing the filters you look through
    • 3 ways to empower yourself beyond the difficult person’s reach

    Self-defeating actions that only increase and prolong difficulties

    • The waiting game … why procrastination won’t ever make the situation disappear
    • Hints, lobs and generalities that miss the mark and the solution
    • ”One-upping” that difficult co-worker … and why it never turns out for the better
    • Pushing the difficult person toward changes they’ll never accept
    • Urging (and urging, and urging) them
    • Having to be “right” at all costs
    • Over-preparing for the confrontation
    • Taking the blame

    Active solutions that bring immediate results and closure

    • How to find out what the real—not the perceived—problem is
    • Proven approaches to pulling a 180 … and why sudden changes can lead to faster solutions
    • The Acorn Approach: Even the biggest solutions start from a seed
    • Look for the “hidden” answers
    • 9 short paths that lead to satisfying endings
    • Anger management
    • Commonality tactics and 7 common reasons that people underrate them
    • The magic Power of Praise in managing a difficult person

    Positive steps to successfully overcome negativity in the long term

    • Move from confrontation to positive interaction in three easy steps
    • Changing a frame of mind and behavior outcomes
    • The 4 steps of the Change Equation
    • Techniques for healing after dealing with difficult people
    • 17 ways to deal with difficult co-workers
    • The Time-bomb Boss … 10 ways to handle them on an ongoing basis
    • Venting? Yes. Like Vesuvius? No … tips for constructively blowing off steam

    Proven ways to difficult-people-proof your life

    • Difficulty solved … now, how to keep it that way
    • What to do when difficult-people-dealing strategies flop
    • Decisions, decisions: Always control the response
    • The 13 life lessons that difficult people offer
    • Crystal-ball vision: How to predict—and avoid—future encounters
    • Practice, practice and more practice …
    • How to speak positively so thoughts are positive
    • 7 more ways to skirt difficult dead ends and keep options open