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Management Engagement and Your Team

SkillPath offers a Management Engagement session to educate your management team about your training objectives and goals. Your management team plays an active and crucial role in the success of a training program, and their support and understanding will ensure a positive impact on your organization’s ROI.

Benefits of Management Engagement

Management Engagement will provide your managers and supervisors with an overview of the training objectives, goals and content that will be covered. In addition, your management staff will acquire the tools for determining processes, goals, action plans, key metrics and scorecards to help them achieve positive accountability for their team’s development after training.

In addition, participants will have the opportunity to provide our trainers with feedback regarding pain points, challenges and messages to emphasize or de-emphasize during the employee training session.

Who Should Participate

Any level of your organization, from the CEO to staff development departments, will benefit from a Management Engagement session. It is highly recommended that the direct managers and supervisors of employees attending our training participate in a Management Engagement session.

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