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Coaching to ensure performance improvement

After initial training, executive, group or one-on-one coaching is a critical element in maximizing your organization’s training investment. Corporate Strategies by SkillPath offers a range of coaching techniques that allow your employees to focus on reinforcing the new concepts and skills presented during training and to challenge themselves to apply their information in real-life work situations. Conducting coaching sessions helps ensure that all participants will improve and transfer their new skills to the workplace. Coaching is a long-term commitment to success.

Benefits of coaching

It takes time and positive reinforcement for people to process the new information they learned in training, set aside old habits and attitudes and start applying new skills. Providing coaching to your employees after training sends a strong signal that everyone who goes to training is expected to apply the information learned and will be supported and encouraged through a coaching process. Coaching is a form of positive accountability, and it emphasizes the need for measurable performance improvement.

How coaching fits in the big picture of successful training

Learning objectives are set and learners know them in advance of the training, so the organization’s expectations are clear.

Interactive training is designed and incorporated to give learners an opportunity to use their new skills in a “safe” and “supportive” environment. Training can be facilitated through open discussion of individual situations, role-plays to practice skills, group brainstorming and problem solving, case studies, personal goal setting and post-course assessments.

Personal action plans are developed by learners at the end of training to set goals and identify specific actions they will take in order to apply the new skills and information on the job.

Coaching sessions are conducted to review the training information, answer questions, provide guidance and encouragement and refine personal action plans.

Coaching methods

Coaching sessions can be facilitated one-on-one or in small or large groups, depending on client preference. Corporate Strategies by SkillPath will be happy to assist you in deciding the best method based on your needs.

Stand-alone coaching sessions

Coaching sessions can be utilized in different ways to achieve important business goals, and because of their high level of effectiveness, our clients often choose stand-alone coaching sessions. Stand-alone coaching sessions aren’t tied to previous training, but rather are built to focus on achieving business goals for your group or even for individuals. We’ve successfully coached clients on staff motivation, problem solving, promoting better communication, building teamwork, setting and achieving goals, learning success strategies and more. The emphasis during independent coaching sessions is as broad or as focused as your business needs dictate.

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