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Our strategic approach and industry expertise will offer the highest-quality training and development programs to your organization. SkillPath’s innovative content and delivery options provide flexible and convenient solutions. Our results-driven approach ensures the training solutions designed and delivered will hit the mark and improve your business!

Strategic approach—

Our tenured account managers, instructional designers and trainers serve as strategic partners who collaborate with you and ensure business results are clearly defined and achieved. The insight and knowledge we provide through strategic planning ensure the delivery of creative, results-oriented training and development solutions.


Our extensive knowledge of business requirements and challenges across various industries allows us to create purposeful recommendations and deliver solutions based on your business objectives and training goals.


We believe one size does not fit all, and in order to accommodate your business requirements and understand your needs, goals and mission, WE LISTEN. We collaborate and help you determine the most effective course design, content, trainer and delivery method.
Whether you need fundamental and general off-the-shelf training, a few enhancements to our off-the-shelf content, completely customized content, coaching, train-the-trainer certification, content licensing or a Webinar/teleconference, we are confident our elite training solutions will meet your business needs.

Innovative content—

We strive to understand the ever-changing business challenges and changes occurring in today’s marketplace. SkillPath develops relevant content that allows us to easily support your training needs and requirements. A few popular training and development topics include: Creative Leadership, Managing the Four Generations, Excelling as a Manager or Supervisor, Managing Virtual Teams, Critical Discussions and How to Improve Business With Social Media.

Innovative delivery—

Through our strategic process, we’ll match the ideal trainer based on your organization’s training objectives and the trainer’s capabilities and background. Regardless of what type of interaction you require, we have the ability to deliver!
Experiential training takes interactive training to a new level. Participants learn in a “hands-on” and reflective environment that engages both their minds and emotions through a variety of experiential activities. These “unforgettable” and reflective activities develop internal growth and result in a higher level of knowledge and skills the participants are able to immediately implement to improve their performance. Benefits and more about experiential training
Interactive training requires participants to observe and listen to information being presented and also to carry out tangible activities. Interactive training takes the form of breakout activities, discussions, practice, problem-solving activities and assessments. This approach helps participants to master materials and ideas through a hands-on environment.
Virtual delivery—This training solution provides live, instructor-led training with the benefits of saving your organization precious time and money. Our virtual delivery solutions are convenient for training employees in multiple locations and avoiding costly travel expenses. Learn more about our Webinars/teleconferencing training.


We take all the guesswork and worrying about details out of the equation. You let us know what training your group needs, where you’d like the training to be presented and when. We handle everything else.


We are devoted to creating measurable business solutions that provide a lasting impact. SkillPath’s on-site training comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We conduct quality and satisfaction assessments after each training day to ensure your expectations were met.

Professional certification opportunities—

Both our standard course content and custom coursework may be eligible for Continuing Education Credits to further your career. We suggest you contact your professional licensing board or organization to verify specific requirements.

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