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Imagine being able to focus on what you love—training others—and leaving all the logistics to someone else! At SkillPath Seminars, we make that possible: We create the content, do all the marketing, reserve meeting rooms and book all your travel and hotel rooms for you. What do you have to do? Prepare a great program and train.

For over 20 years we've been partnering with world-class trainers just like you to provide the best training in the industry! We've trained over ten million people in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

What we look for in a trainer:

  • A Bachelor´s Degree or higher
  • Polished platform skills with at least two years experience training/facilitating groups
  • Real-world business experience and expertise
  • An understanding of and an ability to use experiential training techniques
  • An approachable personality that quickly connects with other people
  • A coachable attitude with a passion for life-long learning
  • An ability to travel extensively, a valid driver´s license, a cell phone and access to e-mail
  • An active credit card with a sufficient credit limit (for reimbursable expenses)
  • A minimum availability of five consecutive business days per month
  • Training equipment: A laptop, projector and microphone


Several factors contribute to the amount of revenue a contract trainer can expect to make working with SkillPath: The amount of training experience/background you currently have, the number of opportunities you´re willing to accept, your ability to accept and incorporate feedback quickly, your ability to sell training resources at our public seminars along with your ability to facilitate experiential learning techniques for our on-site seminars.

  • Trainers receive a daily fee plus $40 per diem which contributes to meals and incidental expenses
  • A generous commission on the sale of products (books, CDs, DVDs and computer software). Our products
    are shipped to the seminar location so customers can purchase them and take them home the same day
    as the seminar.
  • A generous commission on the sale of Total Access—our membership program for year-round unlimited access to SkillPath´s seminars
  • A generous finder´s fee for referring corporate customers to our on-site department
  • Fifty percent of every dollar you save on travel expenses


  • Control your calendar—you tell us what dates you´re available and we schedule around your availability
  • Keep all travel points for airlines, hotels and rental cars
  • Attend other SkillPath seminars free
  • Purchase any of our resource products at significant discounts and resell them in your own business
  • Enjoy the prestige of having one of the world´s top seminar companies on your customer list
  • Increase your skills by networking with the best trainers in the industry
  • Focus on what you do best—training! We do everything else.

How your training schedule works:
Trainers usually present the same seminar in a different city for up to five consecutive days. We contract with trainers approximately four months in advance.

Our promise to you:

  • Thorough certification. Before you conduct your first SkillPath seminar, you´ll complete an intense certification process. You'll also attend two of our seminars and watch our best trainers in action. Next, using our materials, you´ll prepare an entire seminar and teach it to us at our Kansas headquarters. Our faculty trainers will help you hone your skills and teach you how to maximize your sales. This is our investment in you; there is no charge to you—we even pay your travel expenses!
  • Ongoing support. Our professional staff has extensive experience in the seminar business and they are here for you. From scheduling, to travel, to specific questions about individual seminars, we are ready to serve you.
  • Product samples. We provide complimentary product samples to all our trainers. By building your library, we build your sales—and that´s a win-win for everyone!
  • Onsite training. Enjoy the unique experience of offering tailored facilitations and experiential training solutions to our corporate on-site customers. You´ll train some of the top organizations, including Fortune 500 companies at their site. You´ll have an opportunity to earn additional compensation for customizing the training, as well as the opportunity for referral fees.

To apply:

  • Send a resume. Show us your work history, professional training and speaking background, education and membership(s) in any professional organizations.

  • Send a video. Show us your presentation style and, if you´re a computer trainer, your technical expertise. The video does not have to be professionally produced in front of a live audience—pretend your living room is a classroom, record your training and send it in. If you limit your video to 10 minutes, you can post it on YouTube (or the Web site of your choice) and send us a link. Otherwise, you can burn it to a disk and mail it to us.

If your resume and video look like a match for us, we´ll invite you to audition live for our panel. You may either audition at our office in Mission, Kansas (at your own expense), or from your own location over the Internet.

Our e-mail address:

Our mailing address:
SkillPath Seminars
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Attn: Faculty Recruiter

Thank you for your interest in SkillPath Seminars—we hope to hear from you soon!