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Some parts of tgreat #CustomerService will never, ever go out of style no matter what technology does       |       For a good #FridayFeeling, a blog with a few wise sayings collected through a very long life #Kindness       |       @Grumbleking @realDonaldTrump We shall remain quiet and neutral, but smile knowingly. Everyone can use more tact an…       |       @JessicaWarrene Great! We're glad you joined us today and hope you get everything you want out of the training. #NeverStopLearning       |       Remember: Being completely terrible at something is the first step to being pretty darn good at it via @TheMuse


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Dan Rose

Social media monitoring isn’t just a “should do” thing these days, it’s a critical “must do” that needs a plan and procedures attached. Conversations are going on about your brand and company—whether you’re participating in them or not. If you’re not listening, you’re making a huge mistake that will eventually hurt your company. It’s your obligation to stay tuned in to what people are saying…

Dan Rose

Did you know that people are twice as likely to share a negative interaction as a positive one? Also, did you know that a whopping 95 percent of the people who are upset with your company won’t let you know? It’s true … even with the ease of contacting your company through social media, only 5 percent of your customers will do it. So it…

Dan Rose

The social media mistakes the U.S. Department of Education recently made should be a lesson to everyone about why it is critical to closely monitor (and proofread) everything your company sends out. For any readers living under a rock that didn’t see it, the DOE sent out a tweet to honor Black History Month. It quoted W.E.B. Du Bois, a 20th century civil rights leader and sociologist….

Dan Rose

With social media’s blindingly fast and fluid nature, it’s good to pause from time to time and revisit the topic of online content length. As an online marketer, you need to know what is working and what isn’t, in addition to the hot new platform coming up. Each social media outlet has its own rules, such as the optimal lengths of tweets, Facebook posts or…

Tyler Downey

One of the best reasons for you to use social networking is to quickly gain access to amazing  customers and connections that would take years to make face-to-face — especially for small businesses. But with social media at your disposal, if you do it right you’ll have connections to virtually millions of people around the world. Do it badly, and you can waste time and…

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