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Employee handbooks are a great way to keep employees on track—and protect your organization from costly lawsuits…       |       Avoid these four common service mistakes to ensure the return of valuable clients #customerservice #custserv       |       When co-workers quit … and there’s pressure to jump ship via @NST_Insights #careertips       |       Today on our blog: Four key customer service mistakes your company must avoid…       |       An introvert’s guide to being seen and heard (and taken seriously) in meetings #meetings…


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Although most business professionals are already familiar with Microsoft Word, these little-known tips can help them be more efficient.

While many employees know the basic uses of Excel, there are a variety of uses that most people may not know about.

Business professionals faced with strategic forecasting will discover vital tips in SkillPath's latest Excel course.

Microsoft Project offers business professionals many benefits if used properly.

Business professionals need Excel shortcuts to use the application efficiently.

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