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How #assertive are you? Take this quick quiz to find out.       |       Just begin a new job? Avoid these 6 things during first 30 – 90 days. via @Glassdoor…       |       How #assertive are you? Take this quick quiz to find out.       |       How #assertive are you? Take this quick quiz to find out.       |       Organize your personal work area so that it “works” for you. #productivity #workspace


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Cameron Bishop

Last week, I looked at what qualities older generations of workers look for in a workplace. Especially in regards to mobility, communication, hierarchal structure and more. I covered the Silent Generation (b. 1925-1945) who can still be found in the workplace … through the Baby Boomers (1946-1955) … and one that is gaining in popularity, Generation Jones (1956-1965). Generation Jones takes the latter part of…

Cameron Bishop

You know how valuable your best employees are to your organization, how they keep your organization productive and moving in the right direction. As such, you simply can’t afford to lose them; they are just too valuable. But how do you hang on to your best and brightest employees? How can you keep superstars and the promising stars of tomorrow satisfied and excited about their…

Cameron Bishop

Predictors continue to speculate an increase in hiring, but a decrease in talented resources to access. In some industries, this poses a problem for many leaders and hiring managers who face a conundrum. They have to accomplish organizational goals with a limited number of qualified applicants. So where can they turn? To their existing talent pool inside their organization, of course. First, reinforce the importance…

Dan Rose

For most managers and supervisors, the link between an employee’s performance management and development is easy to understand on paper. Normally, the connection occurs naturally. During a performance appraisal (one of several you SHOULD be having throughout the year, right???), you and your employee work together to highlight strengths and determine where development is needed. This helps your employee meet the needs of their job….

Dan Rose

Has this scenario happened at your work? An important member of your team is leaving and you get a call from upper management or HR letting you know that due to budgetary reasons, there won’t be a replacement hired for that position any time soon. Good news however … despite the loss of one of your best workers, you’re expected to deliver the same amount…

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